How To Use A Log Splitter The Right Way – Expert Guide

Use Log Splitter The Right Way

 A log splitter is basically a hydraulic machine mainly used for splitting woods logs into smaller pieces that can be used for firewood. And if you’re wondering how this much accomplishes such a fantastic job, we’ve got a good explanation for this.

In this post, we’re going to discuss how your log splitter converts the electrical/gas energy you feed it with into splitting power that sets apart large logs into smaller sizes that fit into your fireplace.

The Primary Components Of A Log Splitter

There is a motor which is utilized to give energy to the equipment. This is typically a four-stroke engine and can be controlled either by gas or electric power- this depends on the model of log splitter you’re using.

This engine of your log splitter is attached to a hydraulic oil pump. The primary job of this pump is to make a stream of oil that runs a valve.

Other essential parts of a log splitter include a holding tank. As the name suggest, this tank directly carries the hydraulic oil that is to be fed to the machine throughout with the aid of the pump. There is also an oil filter that actually filters the oil and keeps it clean.

How To Use Your Log Splitter Correctly

This helpful machine was created with a specific end goal to make the task of splitting wood for a fire much simpler (and less intensive, physically).

Before the log splitter was accessible folks used to rely on the ax to cut wood logs; this translated to hard and physically exhausting work.

These days a log splitter can take care of the splitting business for you in a matter of seconds with significantly less physical work than you would think.While a log splitter can spare you heaps of time and work; it is imperative that you learn how to employ it effectively beforehand; this will guarantee your wellbeing while utilizing this kind of equipment…

Follow The Steps Below When Using Your Log Splitter:

Are You Using a Gas or Electric Model?

The very thing that you should do is figure out whether the model that you are utilizing is electric powered or gas powered log splitter. In case you’re using a gas controlled log splitter, you need to make certain that you have sufficient gas in the machine.

The next thing that you need to pay close attention to is the hydraulic oil. Add the oil into the log splitter; the measure of oil that you add will rely on the model of log splitter you’re using, so make sure you check the owner’s manual.

When you have included the necessary components, you will then need to power ON the log splitter so as to activate the hydraulic pump.

Place The Log To Be Split Correctly

Once you have powered your machine on, you ought to now put the log that you wish to split onto a wedge; make sure the wood is firmly situated against the wedge. This is important as it will ensure you cut the log without any struggles.

Additionally, it guarantees your safety when you start cutting the logs. You just don’t want to imagine a whole wood log jumping towards you when you’re splitting it.

Start Splitting The Log With Your Log Splitter

The log is in the right position. The machine is running. What’s next? Next, you should find the activation mechanism of your splitter- this will trigger the piston to apply pressure to your log. This mechanism is commonly a button that you simply push or an arm that you pull. Activating this mechanism will apply a high pressure to your log which will then use the wedge to split the wood log into the needed sizes.

What If You’re Using A Manual Log Splitter?

If you’re using a manual log splitter, the splitting procedure might be distinctive.

A manual log splitter employs a hydraulic jack on one end of the splitter and a welded wedge on the flip side of the splitter. You will, therefore, need to tighten the screw on the hydraulic jack to secure the log firmly.

This way, you can easily move the cylinder into the right position. You will then physically pump the hydraulic jack until the log is split.

When you have split the log in set up, you ought to release the screw as well as push the cylinder back into the right spot before moving on to the next log.

Keep Safety First!

Log splitters are useful pieces of equipment’s for many folks. Despite this, they can be violent when used incorrectly. You’ll need to make sure that you take the necessary safety measure when using one.

One important step is to carefully read and understand the manual directions to ensure you’re following the correct operation principles. Also, secure your log into position by holding it firmly from the center. This will keep off potential injuries from happening.

You ought to likewise make certain that you run your splitter in an open space while wearing protective gear such as safety goggles and leather boots.

Bottom Line

Provided you follow the correct operation procedures for your machine and follow the necessary safety measures, you’ll have an easy time splitting your wood logs into the desired sizes without using a lot of energy.

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