How To Heat Press a T-shirt – Expert Guide

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Most of the time people get confused about how to use the heat press machine. They often ask, is it the design that matters only. No! It is not. Then what? Okay! Stay calm and let’s dig out together how to heat press a t-shirt. I have prepared this instruction article only for you.

So, let’s see and find out step by step. 

What is heat press?

It is a process of simply applying heat and press to the t-shirt for printing different kinds of design. You have to use different types of ink or dye considering different types of design and fabric of the t-shirt. 

Key points of heat press:

There are three key points of heat press system. They are:

  1. Temperature
  2. Time
  3. Press

These three significant manifesto indicating that you need to be very careful when choosing the temperature. Don’t forget the time! And always keep in mind how much pressure you are giving. 

What will you need?

For the best profit from a business, you have to make a list of what you are going to buy and why. You will need to buy almost three basic things to start heat press. Here are given:

Heat press machine

It depends on your business type. If you are a fresher, you should go for a simple and cheaper one. But if you are a fresher and ready to outgo a lot, than you should buy the latest and most perfect one. Whatever, you will find in the market different types of heat press machine according to budget and functionality. It will be better if you choose according to your need. 


You will need a good printer to print the design. For this inject printer will do the best job. But laser printer is also usable. But for that, you have to use a special type of transfer paper. Later you will have to use that print when pressing on the t-shirt.


Choose the right ink considering on what type of fabric you are using. Once you have chosen the right ink, it will be easy for you to set the design on the t-shirt.  

Transfer paper

Now you need the transfer paper. Normally there is a film on one side of the paper. You will use that side to print. You should buy the professional one. Regular paper won’t give the best result actually.

You have to choose the paper on the basis of what type of fabric you are going to use. For light color, the paper should be transparent and for the dark color, the paper should have a white layer on the back.

What to do: Step by step

Make your design:

First of all, you have to choose the idea of the design and then you should edit the design. There are a lot of software tools on the web to edit. Otherwise, you can hire an expert to design. It is better to do it by yourself.

Remember one thing; you will have to mirror the design if it contains numbers or words. Otherwise, it will be printed on the t-shirt in a backward manner.

Print the design:

As I have mentioned earlier about how to choose the right the paper. Do that and choose the right paper to print. You can check the design by printing the design on simple paper at first. Then print on the transfer paper. 

Trim the paper:

Trim the left parts of the paper. I mean those parts which are not included in the design. 

Set your machine:

At first switch on the machine then lift the handle up of the press machine. Then shift the platen from the silicon pad. Select your preferable temperature by turning the knob. In the paper manual, you may find your preferable temperature.

Then set the pressure considering the thickness of the material, If it is thick then less pressure will be preferred. Increase or decrease the pressure by turning the knob. Now set your timer according to your transfer paper. Choose your minute and second perfectly. 

Place the t-shirt and paper carefully:

Place the side of the t-shirt facing the press on which you want to print. Then place the paper carefully. Because once you heated the design nothing can’t be changed. 

Start the heat press machine:

Now, start your machine. Press the t-shirt by pulling the handle down. 

Peel off the paper:

After the pressing, pull off the transfer paper from the t-shirt. You will have to pull the paper when it is hot if the paper is hot-peel. Do the opposite if the paper is cold peel. 


So, your t-shirt is ready to use. If everything is perfect, you will have your t-shirt on your hand with your chosen design.

Therefore, you know now how to heat press a t-shirt. I hope you can now use it for your own business. Deal with the instruction steadily and break the binding. Hope for the best! 

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