How Much Does A Nail Gun Cost? [Expert Guide]

how much does a nail gun cost

In contemporary times, you need a nail gun to help you to drill nails into the wall yourself. They have different price ranges starting from 30 dollars and extending to 350 dollars. However, their price heavily depends on their functionality. 

Hence, today, we’ll be talking about different nail guns and their uses. Let’s see some of the commonly used nail guns and their benefits-

  • Nailers are flexible and effective. Certain types are effective in heavy-duty applications with high volumes, whereas others are good for limited workers.
  • The framing nailers deal with big tasks like building roofs, building space extensions, or framing buildings.
  • Finish nailers are lighter than traditional framing nailers and perform well for mounting furniture and installing doors, trimming, and molding.
  • Staplers, tackers, and brad nailers are lightweight and precise. They need unique nails.
  • Daching nailers have been built to add shingles to the roof.
  • Flooring nailers speed up hardwood flooring construction.

Palm nailer’s are lightweight, portable devices capable of driving nails in narrow spaces. You don’t have onboard nail stock, so you have to reload it once each nail is driven.

Now that we’re aware of all the different nail guns, let’s talk about the cordless and the corded nail guns individually, along with their costs. 

Electric nail Gun cost

The nail weapons which use energy as a source of power are known as electric nail pistols. With the widespread energy available in the present world, an electronic nail gun is an excellent option. You can plan to spend between $30 and $350 if you’re interested in buying an electronic nail gun (depending on the quality and variations).

Since these electronic nail guns run on energy, they can be a little temperamental when it comes to results. You will attach this nail gun to a cable positioned inside a port for electricity transmission. If you’re on a tight budget, electric corded nail guns may be a good option. A corded nailer with a consistent price of less than $100 is still noticeable. A cabled nailer is usually priced between $30 and $100. The nail gun Walmart is readily available everywhere, and you can get them almost every time.

If you’re looking for a stringed electrical nailer, there are two excellent options available.

1. Best Hitachi 5/8″ to 2″ Brad Nailer

Hitachi NT50AE2 18-gage 5/8-inch Brad Nailer 2-inch is the first recommendation we have. This will provide you an 18-scale cord for which to complete the task. This big nailer is equipped with simple flip switch technology, which ensures complete protection. The 2.2-pound weight of the frame allows maneuvering easier. Another excellent feature of this nailer is the elastomer grip, which gives additional protection while gripping the rig. Furthermore, the drive dial feature allows you to adjust the parameter to fit your needs. An alternate use to this is using it as a framing nail gun.

2. Best WEN 3/4 ” Brad Nailer

Brad Nailer, a 2-inch 18-guide WEN 61720 3/4 inch, is another good corded nailer to check out.The colors blue and yellow are available for this one. The nailer’s lightweight design is advantageous. The rubberized nailer gripper provides additional protection when in operation. Another similar product is a craftsman nail gun lowes. It’s available with a lowes to nail gun kit.

Cordless electric nail gun cost

Cordless options exist for the nailguns in this group. It’s a little more costly than a corded nail gun, but it is more robust, and petrol should be stored. You should budget between 80 and 350 bucks if you want to buy the cordless nail gun. The estimated expense is between $100 and $250.

It’s the best nail gun for home use. We have an excellent recommendation for you to buy a cable less, electronic nail gun.

The PORTER-CABLE 20V Cordless Brad Nailer Kit comes as a cableless, electronic nail gun. You may use this battery-powered nailer per time without connecting it to an electricity source. A tool-free unlock, jam escape, and depth adjustment wheel may be helpful for performance.

You will get enough fuel for a longer duration with the 1.5 Ah 20 Volt MAX lithium-ion battery. In addition, the driving depth capacity may be adapted in proportion to the optimum performance. Many of the requisite advances are obviously worth the money on the fact that a cableless electric nailer has a hefty price tag.

frequently asked questions

Why do we need a nail gun?

The key feature of a nail gun is that the nails are driven through a sturdy substance. Nailers have been more common in recent days.

What size nail gun for framing?

The most common nailer’s are either 30 degrees or 21 degrees when it comes to framing.

What are the types of nail guns?

The different types of nail guns are

  • Framing Nailer.
  • Flooring Nailer.
  • Palm Nailer.
  • Roofing Nailer.
  • Siding Nailer.
  • Pin Nailer.
  • Brad Nailer.
  • Finish Nailer.

What size nail gun?

You should choose from 3/8 inches and 1 1/4 inches if you’re dreaming of using a smaller nailer. On the other hand, you can go from 2 and 3 1/2 inches if you’re considering a larger nailer.

Final words

You ought to get a nailer or nail gun when it comes to digging nails through some substance. You can find various kinds of nailers to select based on your needs. If you choose an electro nailer, the first option you ought to choose is to get a corded nailer or a cableless nailer. 

Depending on our nail gun buying guide described throughout the article, you can choose the best-suited nail gun for yourself. The rest is to research the nail guns extensively and then take the precious nailer. 

The estimated budget for a quality nailer is about $100-180, to say the least. We hope our article has tended to all your queries related to the price of nail guns and their features. Till the next time, happy nailing!

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