Echo Cs 590 review – Best Echo Chainsaw Review

Echo Cs 590 review

Tough and hard lumbers require an equally strong chainsaw to be acted upon. As long as this is the carpentry problem for you, we’ve got the exact solution that you need. 

Before heading into that, let us clear the fact that it’s very rare to find an ultra-powerful chainsaw within a short budget. While we were up to the immense market research, we have been lucky enough to put our hands on the mighty Echo Cs 590 Timber Wolf Chainsaw. And therefore, we’ve crafted an entire Echo Cs 590 review, the article you’re reading right now. 

Let’s get on the wagon, and check out what this chainsaw has to offer-

Best Echo Cs 590 Review in This Year

Product Specification

  • Model: Cs 590
  • Brand: Echo
  • Engine Power: 59.8cc
  • Engine Fuel System: Gas-fueled
  • Engine cycle: Dual stroke
  • Chain Oil Capacity: 10.2 ounce
  • Gas Fuel Capacity: 21.8 ounce
  • Bar and Chain Length: 20 inches
  • Sprocket Cover Material: Plastic
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Ignition System: Digital
  • Decompression valve: Yes
  • Bumper Spikes: Yes(replaceable)
  • Tension Adjustment: Automatic and Adjustable
  • Product Dimension: 20 x 13 x 11 inches

Features and Benefits

59.8cc Professional Grade Engine

The biggest USP of this Echo Cs 590 chainsaw is, it’s powerful and yet durable engine. It’s a professional grade 59.8cc dual stroke engine that will serve you two ways. 

Firstly, it will be assisting you to cut even the hardest kind of wood. And because of the engine power, it will run for longer as well. But you need to take care of the fuel part in this regard. 

Easy to control With the Bumper Spikes

Putting a firm control on the job that you are doing with the chainsaw is equally important to any other aspect of the job. To let you have full control, a smart feature comes with the Echo Cs 590. And it’s the bumper spikes. 

This bumper spike will let you hold it to control the movements and directions of the blade while it’s rotating. Also, it’s replaceable. In case you find it to raise the weight of the overall chainsaw, you can take that off while needed. 

Available in 18”, 20” and 24” Chain Length

Although, this is not offered to all of the sellers across several e-commerce. But originally the Echo Cs 590 comes with three different bar and chain lengths options to choose from. 

For light weight woodworking, you can pick the smallest 18” one. In case the wood or limbs are a bit thicker, the 20” one will do fine. In fact 20” happens to be the most familiar length of chain and bar in chainsaw industry. 

In case you’re up to some serious woodworking with thick and big pieces of tree limbs(tree stump or so), then the largest 24” chain might be a great option to choose from. 

Easy to Access, Heavy Duty Air Filter 

Air filters come as a compulsory part of a chainsaw like Echo Cs 590. But not all of the models’ air filters are as good as this one. The air filter has two standout features to talk about. 

The first one is, it’s pretty heavy duty. So, you don’t have to change or clean it very frequently. And secondly, it’s very easy to remove. In case you want to clean or replace it anyway, you will have no hard time with that. 

A Great Price Quality Ratio

Chainsaws that offer an engine capacity of around 60cc often take more than five hundred bucks to be purchased. But it’s a surp[rising fact about Echo Cs 590 that it comes for just under the bar of four hundred bucks. 

Although, based on the size of the chain, it deviates a bit. But each of them are bangs of the bucks for sure.

What We Liked

  • 59.8cc highly powerful engine. 
  • It comes with 18, 20, and 24 inches of bar length.
  • 10.2 fluid ounce oil capacity.
  • 21.8 liquid ounce fuel capacity.
  • Ready to take over high-end cutting chores.
  • It has a digital ignition system in it.
  • Automatic oiling system with adjust ability.
  • The air filter is heavy-duty and requires less maintenance.
  • Easy to access the air filter slot.
  • It contains dual post chain brakes for firm control.
  • Bumper spikes for more control over the operation.
  • A great price-quality ratio. 

What we didn’t like

  • The chainsaw is a bit heavy to use for beginners.

frequently asked questions

Q: How can I decide the working weight of the chainsaw while working?

Answer: If you want to enjoy most of its features within a reduced weight, you can put down the bumper spikes. 

Q: How Much Gas Fuel Can It Contain At One Time?

Answer: The fuel capacity is 21.8 ounce.

Q: Can I adjust the tension of the chains while working? 

Answer: The chainsaw tension controller is both automatic and controllable. So, you can enjoy both freedoms. 

Q: What are the possible chain and bar lengths?

Answer: There are three chain and bar length options provided by the brand. These are 18 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. 

Q: Are there any decompression valves inside?

Answer: Yes, there is a decompression valve inside the chainsaw. 

Q: What about the filter and its maintenance? 

Answer: The dust filter that comes with this model is pretty heavy duty. So, you don’t need to change it often. If you have to, it will be very easy to use and replace.

Bottom Line

So, that was the complete Echo Cs 590 review for today. We’ve tried our best to cover all of the important specs and features that come with consequences. 

Although, it’s not the best pick around the market. But when it comes to getting the best bang for the bang, it’s one of the top notch shots. In fact, if you are up to heavyweight professional woodworking or carpentry, the Echo Cs 590 can be your next best friend. 

All you need to do is choose the right size of the bar and chain length. 

Happy woodworking! 

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