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T-shirt printing business is not a new term in the business arena. It is not a mammoth task to buy a machine and start the business. But it is tough to know what t-shirt printing method is best suitable for you. 

I have worked on these five methods so that you can compare. I hope this article will let you know the different t-shirt printing methods.

Give a look below. 

1. Transfer printing method

To transfer the design directly on the t-shirt is called transfer printing method. Most of the cases people use heat press machine to evaluate this technique. Nothing is such complex her. Most of the things are handy. You have to just figure an exclusive design and let it get print on the transfer paper. And then use your heat press machine to set it on your t-shirt. In wide range, people use this method for their starting push.


  • Best to print on light colored fabric
  • Simple to use
  • Complex design can be produced
  • Perfect for full-color printing


  • Not best for dark color fabric
  • Sensitive to high-temperature type fabric not suitable to use
  • Comparatively a bit slow process 

2. Screen printing method

This is the most preferable method for printing high-quality design. Actually professional love this method for its high-quality output. But for each and every particular design you have to make the different template. So, first of all, you will need template and nylon mesh. You will have to use this template to set the design on a t-shirt. This is a longer method but effectiveness is high than other methods. 

After setting properly the design on the screen let some ink flood and presses the ink down. Wipe away excess ink. You have to now pull the screen over the t-shirt. See how beautiful your t-shirt looks!  


  • Best for mass production
  • Such a high-quality printing method
  • Cost effective for larger project
  • Unique, impressive and guaranteed long stay design 


  • Not suitable for small project
  • One color per screen is applicable
  • Multi-color design won’t be effective
  • Little bit high cost
  • Resolution is limited

3. Direct to garment printing method

You have to deal with textile printer and ink for this DTG method. Direct to garment technique is a professional work. That means when you are not acquainted with this method, you should consult someone who is good at it. Otherwise, you may gather skills and knowledge to get the perfect one.

You will need a DTG printer. The method bit expensive. Ink directly goes into t-shirt. That’s why, when you will touch the t-shirt, you won’t feel the ink. It feels like soft when to touch. But as the design directly gets print on the t-shirt, it is time-consuming and faster than other methods.


  • Best for batch or large production
  • Perfect to set complex design
  • Faster than other methods
  • Can get a professional finish


  • Initial cost is comparatively high
  • Output design is not perfect as screen printing
  • Not suitable for dark fabrics

4. Sublimation printing method

If you are dealing with a design which has to be spread into all over the t-shirt, you will have to choose the sublimation t-shirt printing method. There are some bindings obviously. That is you have to do this on polyester type fabric. The key point of this method is the design is repeated all over the t-shirt. 

A special type of dye is needed here. This dye gets dry when meets with polyester and set the design. Print the design on sublimation paper with sublimation printer. Now you have to use heat and press machine. Then you will get your desired printed t-shirt. Don’t forget to press to remove moister and wrinkle before doing anything. 


  • Unique and complex design can be set 
  • Professional finishing 
  • Unlimited use of color


  • Only applicable for polyester fabric
  • Not suitable for small quantity

5. CAD cut vinyl printing method

This method is a quite improves system. It let you print the design on the different color. Print the design on high-quality vinyl paper and then print it on a t-shirt by heat press machine. Mainly it is used for printing words, graphics etc. A high-quality output can be achieved by this method.


  • Longer life of the design due to the vibrant design
  • No Cracked design 
  • Efficient for the big project
  • Faster production


  • Special software is needed to design
  • Have to learn the software
  • Not such flexible design


So, you are now acquainted with different t-shirt printing methods. It is now clear to you that almost all of the popular methods relate to heat press method. Actually, all the processes are the sub-sectors of heat press method. Therefore whatever you want to choose better to learn to operate the heat press machine. Choose the method carefully considering your budget and goal.

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