Chainsaw Rental : Should You Consider?

A chainsaw has become one of the most important tools around the home. It’s a great tool for trimming and taking down large trees on your property that have either dried or that need pruning to extend their life.

You can also use this tool to remove old tree stumps or prepare chopped wood for your fireplace. If you’re embarking on a massive landscape project, this tool will come handy.

But the main issue arises when you have to decide on whether to buy a new chainsaw or rent one for the job. You can also buy a older chainsaw too.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about saw rental to help you decide if you should consider it or settle for a new tool.

Let’s do this:

How Chainsaw Rental Works

If you’re hearing the word chainsaw rental for the first time, then this is your part…

The term chainsaw rental refers to the process of renting out a chainsaw at a fee and for a specified period of time by a rental organization.

Given the fact that this chainsaw ought to be returned after you’ve duly completed the task at hand, it has turned out to be a convenient option for contractors as well as homeowners in need of chainsaws but doesn’t have sufficient budget to invest in one.

There are multiple chainsaw rental companies out there, so hiring the tool isn’t difficult.

Now that you understand what chainsaw rental entails, let’s turn out focus to our main topic…

Chainsaw Rental: When To Consider It

Where there’s no straight answer on whether you should hire a chainsaw or not, we’ll help you make a wise decision by taking the factors outlined below into account.

If you don’t plan to use the machine over and over again

Some homeowners don’t require the chainsaw for too long and might only use it every once in a while.

In such cases, renting might be the best option for you. Bearing in mind that there is a variety of rental shops at your locality, you can expect the rental cost per day to be reasonable, and you’ll be able to complete your job in hours or a single day.

For those who frequently use the chainsaw, say for several days, the renting option might turn out to be quite expensive for you.

It might even cut into the profits you might be making from the job. And if the job is just household chores with no profits involved, the effect might even greater.

That said, you’re only left with the option of buying a new chainsaw.

The maintenance factor

A chainsaw is just like any other mechanical tool out there. And that means that it requires regular maintenance for it to output maximum performance and last longer.

Sometime you’ll find that the chain has become dull and needs to be sharpened, or it has rusted and needed replacement. Other times you’ll need to lubricate the tool’s moving parts so that it can work smoothly.

The maintenance of a chainsaw can turn out to be a big, time-consuming task for you, and if you omit it, it can spell doom to your machine.

If you don’t have time to maintain your chainsaw, then you should consider renting out one. This is based on the simple fact that the renting companies always keep their tools at their best, so you just pick your preferred model and head to the job site.

The danger risk of chainsaws

Chainsaws can be dangerous, you know. This is even truer for homeowners who have kids around their home.

If you don’t have proper storage location for your machine- like a locked building- then you might be forced to store it in the open or in your garage where kids can easily access it and get injured by it.

In such a case, renting the chainsaw could be a smarter option for you. You’ll just pick it at your local rental shop, use it and take it back. This will give you some peace of mind knowing that you’ll never encounter cases of chainsaw-related dangers in your home.

If the rental cost exceeds the buying cost of the chainsaw

When determining on whether to rent or buy a brand new chainsaw, comparing the prices for the two situations will also be of great help.

Assuming you have already enquired the cost or rent (per day or hours) from the company you wish to rent from, you just need to multiply that cost with the number of days or hours you want to rent your preferred machine. Note down the total cost over time.

Next, look for the approximate cost of the same machine you’re renting from the company, and note down its cost.

Compare the two figures. If the cost of renting exceeds then cost of buying the new machine, then you should go with the buying option.

If the rental cost is way below the buying price, however, then you should opt for the rental option.

If you need more than one chainsaws for your project

Lastly, if you have a big project that can only be handled by more than one chainsaws, then buying multiple chainsaws doesn’t make sense. This might significantly affect your finances, especially if you’re facing hard economic times.

With that said, renting the chainsaws should be your preferred option as it’ll save you a lot of cash while successfully handling your job to the last bit.

This case usually applies to contractors who are often faced with bigger projects.

Final Word

Whether to rent a chainsaw or buy a new one is often a hard decision that ends up consuming many homeowners and contractors alike.

In our chainsaw rental above, we’ve outlined the key factors that will help you to determine if renting is the best option for you. In brief, you should consider the chainsaw frequency of use, cost of rental vs. cost of buying a new one, the size of your project, maintenance task and related costs, and if the tool can cause danger at home.

If you want to handle a smaller project and are on a budget, just rent a chainsaw from one of the local companies. This will get the job done while saving you money.

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