Chainsaw Chain Smoking – Expert Opinion

It’s no wonder that the chain is the most used part of the chainsaw. Whatever you do to keep it in good condition the chain will eventually be thus, exposed to various dangers.

If you notice your chainsaw chain smoking and smoking, you’ll know that you’re in serious trouble. This is one of those things that cannot be ignored.

We do not want to force an all-encompassing chain repair because it’s generating smoke while working. Because it’s a blend of both electrical and mechanical system, it’s possible to find options to resolve the issue into daylight.

So, let’s an overview of some solutions that will aid you.

Understanding the Chainsaw Chain Smoking Issues

Before we move on to the fix first, let’s take a look to look into the reasons why the chainsaw’s chain begins to smoke.

If you spot a similarity to any of these symptoms you can be sure that we’ll need to address an issue with the chainsaw chain.

  1. The chainsaw’s temperature is increasing more than normal.
  2. It is possible to see continuous or discrete smoke that emanates from the chain when working.
  3. There are spots and burn marks on the bar and in the guide area.
  4. The smell of burning and burning emanates from the guide that leads to in the area of bar.
  5. The chainsaw’s tension is automatically tightened.
  6. A chainsaw has started to leak bar oils from the reservoir for guide bar oil.

If any or multiple of these signs occur with any chainsaws, we encourage you to read all of the other information and ensure that the problem of smoking chain is addressed in some way.

Why Is My Chainsaw Chain-Smoking?

In the beginning, we need to determine why and how chainsaw chain or blade smoking is causing the issue. According to the mechanism that drives chains and where the bar concerns, it could be several factors that can cause the issue.

Chainsaw bar problems  are just a tiny fraction of the. We’ve pinpointed every one of them and also provided solutions for you.

Suspect 1: The Guide Bar Oil Reservoir Is Empty

To lubricate the chainsaw chain and the bar region, it requires an ongoing amount of oil. It is supplied by the guide bar’s oil reservoir. If the guide bar’s reservoir for oil is empty and has become dry, there will not there be any lubrication available in this area of the chainsaw.

If there isn’t any Lubrication, then extreme heat can be generated in the chain and bar region. It can cause issues such as smoking, excessive heat or smoking.


To solve this issue it is necessary to locate the guide bar and then locate the reservoir of oil from there. It will be filled with lubricator oil to ensure that the bar as well as the chain lubricated with oil. This will also allow the two parts to cool of the chainsaw.

If you notice that the guide bar’s oil reservoir empty, stop the chainsaw and then fill it with chainsaw oil for lubrication and again. After it has passed through the bar and chain area, it will be functioning properly over.

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Suspect 2: Chainsaw Bar Not Lubricating

This problem is very similar to the one that was mentioned earlier. If there is enough oil reserve in the guide bar oil reservoir but smoking issues persist in the chain bar area it could be it is inaccessible to the area where chain bars are located on the machine.


Be sure there’s adequate oil within the guide bar’s reservoir for oil. Also, keep your eye on the reservoir as you run the chainsaw.

To know if the oil is reaching the chain’s area make sure to mark the bar, chain and blade with the use of a clear liquid. It is recommended to run the machine for about 45 seconds, then be aware of the oil reservoir too.

If the oil gets to the chain the coating that is light-colored will be dotted with dots or lines that indicate the oil. In the event that the oil doesn’t get there, the coating will remain identical.

Three possible problems here.

  1. The reservoir is emptying out, however the oil isn’t visible.
  2. The reservoir itself isn’t going to be empty.
  3. The reservoir is full and oil is showing up also.

In the event of the first issue it is necessary to inspect the transmission of oil between the reservoir and the chain. If you’re not a professional it is recommended to perform your chainsaw bar lubrication in the direction of a professional.

In the event of the second problem the reservoir of oil must be cleaned , or replaced by a brand new one. Additionally, you should follow the most efficient method of cleaning the chainsaw’s chain.

If the third incident is found to be the case, it is not connected to the problem in any way. We’d suggest that you go to other suspects in the instance.

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Suspect 3: The Problem in Chainsaw Chain Tension

The tension of the chainsaw is a variable element in the sense that different chains are in use. However, if the chainsaw is not tight enough the chain could overheat and smoke accumulation within the bar in the chainsaw.

Additionally, the chainsaw Chain is dull when it is tightened too much. To address this issue you can make use of chainssaw file to improve the sharpness of the chainsaw chain. While you’re at it you must review the methods of sharpening chains for chainsaws.


To resolve this issue To solve this problem, you must ensure that the chainsaw chain adjuster to be correct. This is how it worksIt is a simple process

Examine the chainsaw’s chain to see adjusts excessive tension because of the normal tree trunk or branches cutting and not. If you discover that it’s over-tight than it is then loosen it with A Check the chainsaw’s tension and determine whether it’s been adjustable with too much force or not.

There are many chainsaw chain adjuster tools and you are able to pick which one is best for you from the selection.

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Bottom Line

You’ve just read a 1,000-word instruction on what to do in the event that chainsaw chain smoking happens. Three possible causes of this problem and, hopefully you’ll be able to find the perfect match to at least one.

When you’re done, follow the procedure to solve the problem of smoke from chainsaws when cutting. Also, make sure you have a suitable chainsaw bar size and chain that are compatible with your chainsaw.

In addition you should also select a good brand even if it does break the bank. The investment you’re making is significant.

Stay tuned for the next blog!

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