Chainsaw Chain Oil : Things You Should Know

Chainsaw Chain Oil

To work properly, your chainsaw chain as well as bar ought to be correctly lubricated. Each chainsaw comes with an oil tank- not to be confused with the petrol tank- where you should add the chain oil to lubricate the chain and bar for efficient, smooth functioning.

Using the right chain oil will equip your chainsaw for excellent performance and make the tool safe use for you and environment.

Always check that your chain is well lubricated, and the oil level is enough before you start any job. If you need to refill your tank, which chainsaws chain oil should you use?

Let’s get the answer below:

The Best Oil For Chainsaw Chain

Usually, the manufacturer will list the best chainsaw oil(s) to lubricate your chain and bar with. Typical chain oil is a highly refined mixture of mineral oils containing oxidation inhibitors as well as anti-wear corrosions with the tackifier.Petroleum based oils have for a long time been the standard for chainsaw chains and bars.

The lightweight grade is utilized in winter while the heavier grade is used in summer.When the chainsaw is running, the environment will suck up all the lubricant used- either through accidental spillage or evaporation or mist.

This is a cause for concern in the forestry field as a lot of this oil might be deposited into the ground. This will adversely affect the growth of the plants.Long-term exposure to petroleum based chain oils has adverse health effects and the environment.

So, if you’re concerned with occupational health and environment, you should consider the environmental-friendly alternatives.Rapeseed-based oils, non-toxic that show fast biodegradation when spilled are the commonly available lubricants for chainsaw chains and are eco-friendly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The oil you use to lubricate your chainsaw chain should have a great adhesion all the way around the guide bar to help reduce friction and prevent possible damages.

To check if you’ve got the right weight chain oil that suits the air temperature you’re working in, hold your saw around 8” from a clear area (e.g. a newspaper or tree stump) and rev the engine to approx. 75% throttle for 60 seconds. A line ought to form on the area you’ve your saw pointed at, and the oil should freely flow from the oiler.

Best Alternatives to Chainsaw Chain Oil

As we did mention earlier, each manufacturer offers you the best lubricant to use with your chainsaw chain and bar. But if that particular oil isn’t available, that does not mean it’s the end of the road.

Use the following alternatives which work just as well as the recommended ones:

Motor Oil

Unlike the traditional car motor oil, chain oil isn’t rated by SAE. Rather, the manufacturer will recommend winter and summer weights. But if you don’t find the manufacturer recommended oil, you can use the SAE 30 weight motor oil during summer and SAE 10 weight in winter.

Vegetable Oil

As you know the traditional chain oil is petroleum based- thus, it comes with some health and environmental hazards. Vegetable-based lubricant oil acts as the best alternatives to these oils.

They operate efficiently, even at extremely low and high temperatures.They’re also biodegradable which means that mineralization has already taken place (i.e., the product has already been broken down into the base elements).

Some of these oils are

  • Readily Biodegradable Vegetable Oil- the oil lacks capacity at high and low temperatures. Cold starting, the oil exhibits slow flow and its oxidative instability in a readily biodegradable oil does not offer the best equipment protection. It’s also a bit expensive compared to the oil below…
  • Inherently Biodegradable Mineral Oil- this one exhibits slow biodegradation rates than the vegetable oils. It provides better performance capabilities at both high and low temperatures. It has a better oxidative stability which means it offers better equipment protection (and hence an extended lifespan).
  • Readily Biodegradable Synthetic (Polyol Ester) Oil- it has the best equipment protection of all the biodegradable oils available. It’s good for the environment also. They are expensive than inherently biodegradable oils.

Bottom Line

Lubricating your chainsaw chain is not an option. You need to do so to enjoy a smooth running of the operation and to extend its lifespan. After reading the above chain oil guide, you’ll get to know the right oil to use to lubricate your chainsaw chain as well as the bar.

The information on the eight chain oil is indicated in the owner’s manual. However, if this oil is not available, feel free to use the alternatives we have offered you above. They work just as well as the conventional chain oils. What’s more, the vegetable oil alternative is good for your health and eco-friendly.

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