Our Top 5 Soil For Succulents [Explained Properly]

Best Soil For Succulents

Many people love gardening for many reasons. First of all, it provides a sense of heavenly pleasure. You are growing something – a life, a beauty, and more. And when you are planting succulents, the enjoyment raises double.

But this is not possible with the Best soil for succulents. You need the right types of soil to grow these plants.

In fact, this is not possible to grow plants if the soil is not up to the mark. If the soil lacks sufficient natural nutrients, minerals, and other ingredients, you cannot expect a better production of your plants and flower. So, this is highly important to select the soil carefully.

In this post, I will explain the top five soils for succulents. You can get a complete idea about the soil which you need and how they will benefit you in your gardening. I have explained almost all the important and necessary information here for the benefits of the readers. Hope, you will get the right directives to choose the solid soil for your gardening.

Top 5 Best soil for succulents Review Today

1. Succulent Planter Soil Kit Review

Key features

  • Organic elements
  • River rocks
  • Simple preparations

This is a special kit for gardeners to grow succulents. It has washed pea gravel, which is beneficial for the plants. Usually, people get the muddy pea gravel, and they need to clean them later. So, this pea gravel can save your time also. The charcoal of this kit is activated and belongs to the top quality. There is no dust in the charcoal, and they can remove toxins as well.

The other impressive feature is organic succulent or cactus soil. This is a handmade soil and belongs to the finest quality. Moreover, you will have some smooth river rocks. The rocks are available in shapes and colors. This is another distinctive style that will increase the look of your plants. The sheet moss helps to remove the moisture from the plants and make them look lively.

At the same time, using the kit is not a big deal. You need to follow the instruction from the seller. Prepare the pot following the instruction and set your succulents. The kit is also a perfect item to present someone. Or you can use it to decorate a small environment like your office desk with less time and effort.

What we liked

  • Complete set
  • Rejuvenates plants
  • Colorful stones
  • Organic and handmade soil and ingredients
  • Easy preparation
  • Activated charcoal.

What we didn’t like

  • Price is expensive
  • Ingredient sizes are smaller

2. Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix

Key features

  • Pre-mixed soil
  • Faster draining
  • Premium blending

If you lack time to mix the soil and other ingredients, this is the right product for you. It comes with a pre-mixed soil and other ingredients for your succulents and other small plants. Besides, the product gets many positive reviews for outstanding performance. After mixing the soil and applying it to your plants, you see a glaze on the plants that you never experienced before.

Besides, the succulent plants need low maintenance. But if you apply this soil mix, you need almost zero maintenance to your plants. They will grow naturally and live for a long time. This particular soil comes with fast-draining features. So, if you water the plants, they will drain easily. There are issues about this particular draining facility with the other soil mixtures.

Compatibility with the different environments is another feature of this product. You can set the plants to any environment, and they will look gorgeous. Actually, the mixture helps the plants to withstand various types of challenges, and also the plants remain fresh. Simultaneously, you can use the plants to decorate your window, tables at home or office, and more.

What we liked

  • Ready to use product
  • Excellent drainage feature
  • Water retention
  • Brings life to plants
  • No dirt or dust in the mixture
  • Promotes air to the plant’s root system.

What we didn’t like

  • Mixture May get infected
  • Overpriced

3. Bonsai Jack Succulent And Cactus Soil

Key features

  • Free of pathogen
  • Laboratory tested
  • pH balanced

This is a complete package for regularly using on your succulents. The product comes after a range of testing to reduce the harmful elements. Many of the mixtures come with chemicals and other toxic elements. So, the chances of soil damage are higher with those. You are free of those aspects. Besides, this is free of pathogen. And the manufacturer tests the mixture several times before packaging to ensure the top quality.

The mixture is washed properly to remove dirt, dust, and other unnecessary particles. The shipping process also undergoes various types of scanning and monitoring. The pH balance of the soil also ensures the complete growth of the plants. For the balanced pH, the plants receive the nutrients in the right amount. So, they can grow naturally. 

At the same time, the mixture is from premium ingredients. The soil mix is the combination of pine bark fines, bonsai block (also known as calcined clay), and monto clay. Besides, the particles are 1/4 inch of the ingredients. Besides, the mixture can drain the unnecessary water faster than other similar types of mixtures.

What we liked

  • Best suitable for acid-loving plants
  • Balanced ingredient mixture
  • Suits over a hundred types of plants
  • Optimized performance
  • Ready to use
  • Several bag sizes available

What we didn’t like

  • Not suitable with all plants
  • Quantity is less comparing the price

4. Fat Plants San Diego Premium Cacti

Key features

  • Available in different varieties
  • Work for almost all plants
  • Requires minimal care

If you need a variety in your gardening, you need this mixture. This is a special type of mixture that will provide the best performance. There are no duplicate plants, and the mixture is healthy and fresh. So, your plants will have a natural growth. And luckily, you can apply the mixture at any time of the day or year. There are no seasonal restrictions.

Moreover, if you have some upscale plants to decorate home, you can apply the mixture there also. You can also use the mixture to decorate your office plants or to decorate your bathroom in a stylish manner. Further, you need to pay less attention to your plants once you apply this mixture. The natural ingredients will do that for you.

Simultaneously, the plants will require less lighting, less watering, and you can nurture them inside your room. The plant size becomes standard and perfect for everyone. Besides, the mixtures are available in different varieties to meet your needs.

What we liked

  • The plant grows in indoor light
  • Applicable at any time
  • Works with varied types of plants
  • Simple mixture
  • Greenhouse grown plants
  • Adds nutrients to the soil

What we didn’t like

  • Moldy soils
  • Bugs may develop 

5. Cactus And Succulent Soil Mix

Key features 

  • Fungus resistant
  • Hand blending
  • Natural ingredients

To grow different types of plants at home, office, or at the garden, this soil mix is of great use. The mixture is from hand blending. As a result, they provide some incredible output for your plants. It comes with a free draining mix as well. The fungus resistant feature plays a crucial role in ensuring the natural growth of the plants.

You can apply the mixture to plans including cactus, desert rose, aloe Vera, among others. Even it can bring a positive result for Christmas cactus as well. Mixing the soil is also simple. It comes with a mixture of pumice rock, small sponge rock, sand, and others. The mixture is durable than usual soil mixers. 

Though the price is a bit higher, you can have a durable performance, for the ingredients are from the highest quality. Since there is not pear moss, it can keep the plants look healthy and free of fungus.

What we liked

  • High quality
  • Hand crafted mixture
  • Refreshing
  • Insect resistant
  • Absorbs ideal amount of water
  • Suitable for various plants

What we didn’t like

  • Retains moisture
  • Soil develops white molds

What type of soil do you need to grow succulents?

Well, this is an important aspect that everyone should know. So, I am explaining the facts here. To grow your succulents perfectly, you need special types of soils. The soils should be filled with natural ingredients. Besides, there might be some artificial elements as well.

Generally, the succulents are plants that need minimal care. They are the plants that can live and grow in a condition where there is less water. So, you need not water them every day. But you will need particular soil that will ensure the nutrients and minerals for their growth. So, this soil should come with a blend of organic and artificial ingredients.

The organic elements would allow to penetrate water to the root of the plants. And the artificial ingredients will retain the water. The organic materials cannot hold the water for a long time. Thereby, the growth is hampered.

The succulent soil needs some fiber, too, which prevents drying of the roots. The addition of inorganic substances makes the mixture airy. Therefore, the succulent soil mixture needs all the elements mentioned above.

How to select the best soil for succulents?

Selecting the best soil for succulents is not a big deal. You have to care for certain issues. They are explained in brief below.

Mixture quality 

First of all, you need to care about the mixture quality. Most of the cases, the mixtures are not up to the mark. The soils come with unwanted elements, and the number of smaller stones is more. Besides, the soils are not of the highest quality as those are not hand mixed.

So, you need to check the mixture quality. Make sure the mixture is blended with hand. When the mixture is from hand blending, you can expect better growth of your plants. Usually, the hand mixing process ensures the right amount of nutrients and ingredients.

The container of the soil 

Soil containers should be resealable. When you get such a package, you can use the remaining soil at a later time. But if you get the one-time bags, this is not possible to deal with the soils in the future. It also will result in waste as well. Therefore, get a soil package which is resealable or reusable.

Ready to use 

At the same time, you should check if the soil is ready to use or you have to mix it. Remember, mixing the soil is a complex process and may take time. And if you mix it, there might be a lack of competencies as you are not a professional. It is, thus, safe to use the ready to use soils.

How to use the soil for succulents 

To use the soil for succulents, you must follow certain rules. Well, it may sound confusing. Check the explanations below.

Select a pot 

This is the very first step. You have to select a pot. The pot should be moderate, and there should be a sufficient drainage system. If the water cannot pass through the drain, it may rot the roots. Succulents are unable to comply with excessive water. Besides, the plants need to expand their roots. So, there should be ample space as well.

Add the soil

In this stage, you have to prepare the pot and add soil to it. As the first step, cover the drainage holes properly. But make sure the water will pass through the drain slowly. Now, place the succulent on the pot.

Half of the process is complete

To complete the remaining half, you have to place the soil. Add the soil on the pot, but keep some empty space on the top of the pot. This empty space will help to tackle the overflow of the water. So, you can keep 1/2 inches of space on the pot top.    

Succulent maintenance 

Though succulents need low maintenance, you should take minimal care for them. The care will help them grow and shine naturally.


Watering is a must for every plant. But the succulents are the exception. They can live without the right amount of water. In fact, if you water them on a regular basis, it may cause their ruination. Besides, the pot should have a proper drainage system to drain the excess water.

Experts recommend watering the succulents only when the surface is dry. If the surface is damp, you do not need to water it.

Moderate temperature 

Besides, you need to provide a moderate temperature for the proper growth of the plants. To provide them with the temperature, you can place them beside the window or any open space. They will get the sunlight directly. However, you can also do it occasionally. You do not need to place the plant out of home every day.

Besides, if there is scorching heat, you need not place the plant under the sun. In this case, you can keep it inside your room to prevent sunburn. The room temperature will be sufficient in this case.

In a nutshell, you have to create a balance in the temperature issue.

Side effect prevention

There might be some side effects, as well. For too much watering, the plants may get mushy leaves. Or the plant roots may rot, and the leaves may change their color. If you find any such side effects, you have to control the watering process. Clamp the watering, wait for a couple of days.

You can also keep the pot outside of the home to dry up the moisture. Within a couple of days, the water will be dried up. And then the side effects will vanish.

frequently asked questions

Q: What are the key benefits of succulents at home? 

A: You will have several benefits if you have succulents at home. First of all, they improve the climate of the home. Besides, if you have succulents at home or office, they will purify the air. Moreover, they also can improve the humidity at home. Besides, they will also improve some of the common physical health disorders.

Q: Can I use ordinary soil for succulent planting?

A: No, you cannot use ordinary soil for planting succulent. The plants are special, and so, they need specific types of soil. Consequently, you have to arrange for the soil, which has the potential to help them grow. 

Q: What is over watering for succulents?

A: Over watering points out that you water the plants in an excessive amount where the plant needs lower. You are over-feeding the plants than their needs. At times, it might be harmful. Be careful about the issue in particular. 

Last word

You have all the necessary information about the soil you need for your succulents. I have reviewed the best five of them. All of them are compatible with various types of plants. You can select the one which suits you the most.

Happy planting!

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