Top 5 Scroll Saw For Marquetry [ The Ultimate Guide]

Best Scroll Saw For Marquetry

In this advance, the world to make things easier to do in real life cutting work scroll saw has been a great essence. If you intend to tackle any intricate cutting jobs, then the machine you need is a powered scroll saw. The scroll helps to cut complex curves and corners. In the marketplace, there are many scrolls saw which are heading up. But not all the saw’s are up to the mark. 

As you can see, the scroll saw for marquetry needs to be precise and able to make clean cuts. Quality scroll saw depends on the quality of woods and blades. We will walk through with five scrolls saw and everything you need to know to get the Best scroll saw for marquetry.

Best Scroll Saw For Marquetry Review Today

1. ShopSeries RK7315 16″ Scroll Saw

If you want to get a quality scroll saw and a budget, then shop series RK7315 scroll will fit your choice. If you are in a position to look far from 0 to 45 degrees, this gives flexibility. It is easily accessible for a variety of woodworks.


This is the best scroll saw for beginners without a single thought as the motor comes up with much power. It will ensure clean cuts and easy sawing for general purpose because it has a 1.2 amp inductive motor and 110-115 volt range. It can cut through 2.5inch thick and also metal sheets.  


The best thing about a 16-inch scroll saw is that it has an overview to turn 0 to 90 degrees .it has a brown color theme and the diagram of it is an iron cast base, but the bulk of it is from plastic. It has a 26-inch length and height, which is very durable and light-weighted.

Dust blocking 

This scroll saw marquetry comes up with built-in dust. The come blocking process will prevent the user from getting dusty to work with ease. The guard blade provides operator safety.

Noise range 

As it has a 1500 rpm motor, so it is not fully noised cancellation-free but has a native mild range of noise and vibrations. But with the price tag it has, you can’t get a better gentle noise saw range better than this, and for that, you can neglect this minor inconvenience.


  • 1500 rpm motor
  • 110-115 volt range
  • Cuts up to 2.6 inches


  • Noise controlling is not strong.

2. Best 20″ DEWALT Scroll Saw Review

When it comes to accuracy and smooth operation for sawing DEWALT, Scroll Saw tends to be one of the best ones. It keeps the work upright and has low vibrations, and along it decreases the noise. There’s no better option than this. It has one of the most accurate ones in terms of cuts and provides easy adjustment for better operations.

Arm design 

For accurate cuts and to avoid under cuttings, the saw has an arm design that provides perpendicular work. The blade can cut through the inner part of the materials. With the arm design’s help, the saw eliminates the noise and vibrations so that the user can get the best work and excellent design out of it.


The best part of this saw is that it has a variable speed system hatch that will help the user work with great coins and provide them with an on-off switch. It has a 1.3 amp power source that allows 400 to 1750 strokes per minute and can 2-inch thick stock at 90 degrees.


Using its power, it can be heavy but instead of the weight, according to 56 pounds. It has 29.1 inches in length and 12 inches in height. The color of the saw is yellow.

Blade changing system

If someone needs to cut more heavily or aggressively, this might be the one. This scroll saw marquetry has a toll-free blade system that allows changing the blade in just seconds. Marquetry saw blades easiness the cuts in materials, and the user will be very much comfortable because of its versatility.


  • 400 to 1750 strokes per minute
  • Toll-free blade system
  • Arm design.


  • Comes with less time of warranty.

3. Best Delta 20″ Scroll Saw Review

The delta power company is one of the best in the making scroll saw. They offer excellent durability and making price and durability and make the saw more powerful. This saw is one of the best when it comes to pricing. With this power, the saw can finish the work way before it is supposed to take another saw.


This scroll saw is very affordable, and its pricing is excellent for the category of saws. It doesn’t bring with extra unnecessary features, which makes the saw’s price high. Those features don’t need to be in the scroll. It has the power and proper optimizing to be a handful for users.


One of the most reliable and authentic saws in terms of guarantee and long-term services is the Delta Power Tools 40-694 20. The company provides five years of services of the mechanism parts. They will repair or exchange the pieces. The company will also offer two years of accessories according to it.

Easy use

If anyone is inexperienced and new in sawing work, this device is convenient for them as it is very user-friendly. Anyone with this device can make the woodwork very quickly and make complex design cuts because of its user-friendliness. 


The device got a toll-free system that allows changing the blades very quickly. For fret saw blades for marquetry, this device is best as it has for fretwork. With a capacity of 20-inch throat depth capacity, the user can work with extensive materials and cut up to 2-1/8-inches.


  • 20-inch throat depth
  • Cuts fast
  • Beginner friendly


  • Not for experts.

4. Best WEN 16″ Scroll Saw Review

For sheer power, this is by any means of the best scroll saw for marquetry. Apart from other saws, if the user has to cut the wood in two different directions, this saw can do it. It has multiple features which make the work easy. The saw is very user-friendly to make cuts of complex design.

Speed adjustment

The speed range of the saw is 550-1650 rpm with variable speed control adjustment. It includes a speed trigger system that allows the user to fast or slow the blade according to the user. Using the speed arrangement will be more work efficient and will require less time.

Dust cleaning

The scroll saw came with an air pump attached to the model to get more work efficiency. It keeps the unwanted dusk from the main work base as it ensures maximum accuracy by removing the dust from the place with an air pump.


The saw is known for double bevel marquetry. It has a multi-positional blade which makes it double direction saw machine. As both, the feature is tightening with the standing position. The user can use both with ease in the middle of work and make the accuracy better of sawing.


The machine’s design significantly places it able to any position as it takes 26 inches in length and 14 inches in height. The many accessories come with the package so that users don’t have to buy anything more.


  • 14 inches height.
  • Long lasting.
  • Includes light system.


  • Moderately expensive.

5. Best Shop Fox 16″ Scroll Saw Review

This scroll saw is one of the best in the market when it comes to durability. It also got a variable speed and extra cutting capacity, which will help the beginners do their work quickly and the way they want.


When it comes to the Best scroll saw for marquetry in terms of extra features this saw is undoubtedly the best in the market. It has a plane and pin-based blade and two blades featuring a system. The tool also comes with adapters, and the saw has no load speed system.


The Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw is very strong and rapid. It has 110 voltage source power and a 60 Hz motor along with 1.3 amp and 1/8 HP. Although having so much energy, the saw doesn’t make that much vibration and has a noise cancellation system. Sixteen inches is the maximum cutting depth of this saw for getting excellent results.

Work in low light

This saw has solved a significant problem in terms of working on lower light. The saw has an attached gooseneck light system which perpendicularly fixes with it. That means if the light is insufficient when the work is in progress, the saw gives enough light to do the job at ease.

Cleaning dusk

Another fantastic feature is it has a dust port and a dust blowing system. So anyone is working with more woods. The blower will clean the base area, and the port will store the dirt so that the user won’t have to face many difficulties because of dirtiness. Later from the dock you can throw the dirt materials.


  • 1.3 amp.
  • 60 Hz motor.
  • Powerful.


  • Spends more electricity.

Buying guide – Best Scroll Saw For Marquetry

You have to decide your budget and actual need first. If you need to form beveled edge cuts you would like to create beyond any doubt, simply can point your saw as per your requirements. For a perfect scroll saw, the point of tilt must be 45 degrees on both sides. You don’t have to have a tremendous profundity of cutting in a scroll saw like other saws utilized for woodworking. The throat measure accounts for the quality of your scroll saw. While doing marquetry, it is fundamental for you to have a controllable changing speed for your scroll saw. Lesser vibrations cruel that you simply won’t get to bargain with various diversions and you’ll total your work with higher accuracy.

frequently asked questions

Can you cut Plexiglas with a scroll saw?

Yes, a scroll saw can cut Plexiglas. As Plexiglas is hard to miss, but the scroll saw can do it very quickly. Many scrolls saw has a dwell blade system, and also it can handle switchblades. Circular blades and crown tooth blades are best known for cutting Plexiglas. To get an accurate cut, one has to make sure that the teeth blade is even.

Can a scroll saw cut 2×4?

The scroll saw can cut a 2×4, but it takes a reasonable amount of time to cut it because 2×4 is ample for a scroll saw. But if the amount of teeth increases in the blade, it will take lesser time to cut. The more teeth the edge has, the cleaner and refined it will be in terms of accuracy.

How thick can a scroll saw cut?

The idea thickness a scroll saw can cut is between 1 ¾ and two ¼ inches. But mostly, it depends on the scroll saw, the power, and the materials. The scroll saw can cut through many materials. The depth of cut depends on the thickness of the material and also the quality of the blade.

How do I choose a scroll saw?

First of all, it depends if someone is using it for home or office works. But for the best first one should look for is the motor.  The more voltage source and at least higher than 1.25 amps is the best for use in the long and practical term. The extra features it has on it like gooseneck light, dwell blade system, pin based, and dusk cleaning option. For details checkout Choosing The Best Scroll Saws For You.

Should I buy a scroll saw or band saw ?

Both are different in terms of the project. If someone uses it for a small project and detailed work, a scroll saw is the best option. A scroll saw can also cut insides of materials and wood. The band saw is used for big projects or where the user needs more power. The band saw is flexible in terms of the stronger as it can cut any materials.

If it is for designing and detailed work, the user needs a scroll saw and extensive wood projects. The user needs a band saw.


The listed five are the best scroll saw for marquetry among all the scroll saw available in the market. The best is DEWALT Scroll Saw because of its overall features and variable speed. For beginners, Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw is worth investing money. And the value of this saw is the best one because with this price range it comes with many tools. For clean cuts, precise works, and to get the best job done in less time, these five scroll saws are the best for marquetry. 

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