Best Poulan Chainsaw Reviews : And Buying Guide

Poulan Chainsaw Reviews

If you’re looking for the Best Poulan chainsaw, I’ve some good news for you. I’ve compiled a complete list of the 10 Top-Quality Poulan chainsaw reviews to help you quickly pick the perfect model for you.

All the chainsaws featured on our list below are characterized by durabiliplenty of power, reliability and phenomenal performance. In other words, they’re ready to help you accomplish any task at hand, the moment you turn them on.

Without further ado, let me take you the Poulan chainsaw review list so that you can easily pick the right saw for you…

Our Best Poulan Chainsaw Review In This Year

1. Poulan Pro 20″ Gas Powered Chain Saw

Poulan Pro PP5020AV opens our list of high-quality Poulan chainsaw that lets you carry out your tree cutting duties easily and effortlessly. The mid-sized chainsaw provided you with plenty of power to get you through both light and heavy duty tasks around your home.

Given that this chainsaw comes with a weight of around 15.4 lbs., it would be more suited to someone who knows how to handle a chainsaw.

But the slightly heavy weight have been compensated by a powerful 50cc 2-stroke engine that produces enough power to handle any task. It comes with a 20-inch long bar, enabling it to tackle trees with relatively larger diameters.

What’s more, the automatic chain oiler keeps your chain lubricated throughout your job.

The extremely durable machine also comes with a super clean air filtration system that not only minimizes fuel consumption but also extends the life of your air filter. The simple pulling system makes the machine completely easy to start, even for beginners.

The absence of tool-less chain tensioner has been compensated with the built-in scrench holder that ensures your scrench is always there whenever you need it.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV makes a great saw for tasks such as felling, bucking (firewood). Given it’s slightly heavier, it might not be the best saw for those who plan to do a lot of pruning (or are not physically strong).

It comes with a reduced vibration handle that enables you to use it for longs hours without getting fatigued. To top it all, it comes with a premium storage case that facilitates convenient storage and transportation.

Highlighted features

  • Dura-Life engine ensures extended engine life.
  • Super clean air filter system for extended air filter life.
  • An effortless pulling starting system for easy start.
  • Reduced vibration handle minimizes user fatigue.
  • Automatic chain oiler-onboard locking screech holder.
  • Carrying case included.

2. Poulan 18″ 40cc 2-Cycle Gas Chain Saw

The Poulan P4018WT Wild Thing best fits the definition of an iconic gas chainsaw. It’s high populated even prompted Poulan, its manufacturer to come up with a similar toy design for your kids. The cheap saw is ideal for any homeowner who doesn’t cut trees regularly.

To start with, the saw incorporates a 40cc 2-cycle engine that generates enough power, enabling you to complete the task at hand. The 18-icnhes steel bar is long enough to allow you to fell relatively larger tree trunks and branches.

The machine gives you the most convenience with its automatic chain lube. This ensures your remains properly lubricated- one of the requirements for proper running of your chainsaw. We also can’t forget to highlight the super clean air filter feature that extends the life of your filter as well as reducing the overall fuel consumption.

The primer bulb feature common among most of the Poulan chainsaws gives you an easy time starting the machine. The included carrying case makes it a highly portable chainsaw.

In summary, the Poulan P4018WT enables you to execute light cutting jobs around your home effortlessly. So, owning one will be a smart decision as you’ll expect a high performance at a pocket-friendly price. It comes with 1-year warranty.

Highlighted features

  • Ideal for light cutting tasks and most jobs around your home.
  • Super clean air filter system.
  • Automatic chain oiler.
  • Primer bulb promotes easy starting.
  • CARB compliant model.

3. Poulan Pro 18″ 42cc Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PP4218A is tough, rough, and ready to rumble! The 18-inch gas-powered chainsaw has undergone thorough refurbishing by the manufacturer to enable it to tackle nearly all kinds of jobs you throw at it. 

With a 42cc engine, 18 inches bar, and easy start system, this particular model is ready to keep your lawn manicured at all times.

Like its siblings from Poulan, the model comes with a super clean air filtration system that does an excellent job at keeping the fuel consumption low while extending the life of your air filter.

It also features a reduce vibration handle that effectively minimizes operator fatigue- allowing you to work for longer hours without getting tired. What’s more, it features a soft grip handle that lets you feel comfortable when handling the machine.

For all your rugged cutting jobs, trust this sturdily constructed, highly reliable Poulan Pro PP4218A. Again, it’s a refurbished machine, meaning it has undergone professional restorations to its working order by the manufacturer. In other terms, it might show signs of wear but has been repaired and inspected to meet the owner specifications.

Highlighted features

  • 2-cycle gas powered chainsaw.
  • Anti-Vibe handle minimizes user fatigue.
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable operation.
  • Gas mixture: 40:1 gas/oil ratio-42cc 2 cycle engine model.

4. Poulan 16″ 38cc Fully Assembled Chainsaw

Poulan offers all homeowners a decent and affordable chainsaw with the P3816 model, allowing you to take care of your cutting tasks without breaking the bank. The 12 lbs. light saw is powered by a 38cc 2-cycle engine and comes with a 16-inche guide bar that enables it to handle most cutting tasks.

The machine presents you with a list of features common to other top models we’ve already discussed above for effortless cutting and user convenience.

One of these features revolves around the automatic chain piling system that keeps the chain properly lubricated at all times. It also features the super-clean air filter system that helps reduce the overall fuel consumption while maintaining the power.

Because of the inertia activated chain brake, the unit will stop the rotation of the chain in case of a kickback. So, you don’t have to worry about the dangers associated with it. The primer bulb comes handy in this model as well to enable you to easily and quickly start the machine.

Poulan 967146301 P3816 is absolutely the perfect saw for cutting all your firewood cutting and tree limbing tasks around your home. The affordable unit comes fully assembled and is backed by 1-year warranty.

Highlighted features

  • 38cc 2-cycle engine.
  • 16-inch bar.
  • Automatic oiler.
  • Super clean air filter system.
  • Primer bulb for easy starting

5. Poulan Pro 16″ 38cc Assembled Chainsaw

Moving on with our Poulan chainsaw reviews, we have the Poulan Pro 967196401 PP3816A. This particular model comes with just the perfect size and weight to enable you to take care of any core around your home.

The machine comes with a 38cc engine. This is quite a powerful engine that will supply you with lots of power to cut through trees of various thicknesses. It comes with a 16 inches steel bar- enough evidence of its ability to cut through bigger tree branches.

Similar to other units from Poulan, it comes with an automatic chain oiler that keeps your chain lubricated, so you entirely focus on your cutting job without worrying about your chain running out lube.

You’ll also be pleased to know that this model comes with an over modeled rear handle as well as anti-vibe handle that goes a long way to lessen the operator fatigue. Meaning you’ll control the machine for longer hours without feeling worn out.

With the super clean air filter system present on this machine as well, your unit will consume less power while your air filter will last for longer. And on top of this, you’ll enjoy an effortless pull starting system that makes the machine entirely easy for you, regardless of your chainsaw experience.

Poulan Pro 967196401 PP3816A has all the essential features and capabilities to enable you to finish all the tasks at hand. On top of it all, it comes with a quality carrying that lets you easily store your unit or conveniently transfer it to your workstation. It comes fully assembled and ready for use. It’s backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Highlighted features

  • 38cc 2-cycle engine.
  • 16-inch bar-automatic chain oiler.
  • Super clean air filtration system.
  • Effortless pull starting system.
  • Comes with a quality carrying case.

6. Poulan Pro 18″ 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Unlike the previous model we’ve reviewed above, this machine comes at a relatively lower weight value, measuring 11.8lbs only. So, you can easily handle it for long hours regardless of your physical build.

It comes with a powerful 42cc 2-cycle engine that gives it just the enough power to manage the task at hand. It’s outfitted with an 18-inch bar that easily and smoothly drives through trees with larger diameters. With the automatic chain oiler, your chain will remain sufficiently lubricated throughout the job.

In addition to the lightweight design, this model also comes with an over molded rear handle as well as the anti-vibe handle- which team up to stop fatigue from catching up with you especially when working on larger projects.

Like the previous model, it also features a super clean air filtration system that ensures your air filter remains valid for longer periods.

Overall, Poulan Pro 967185102 PP4218A is the real deal for every homeowner out there looking for an affordable saw with plenty of power and capabilities.

Additional features you’ll enjoy from this model include an easy start system, extra chain, and a quality carrying case for easy storage/transportation. Above all, it comes with a 2-year warranty!

Highlighted features

  • 42cc 2-cycle engine.
  • 18 inches bar-automatic oiler.
  • Super clean air filter system.
  • Effortless pull starting system.
  • Carrying case, extra chain file and gloves included.

7. Poulan Predator 42cc Chainsaw Review

Poulan 967607201 Predator offers you the real value for your money. Powered by a 42cc engine and incorporating an 18-inhc guide bar, this machine is perfect for handling light to medium tasks duties around your lawn.

You can enlist its help when doing a storm clean-up, cutting firewood, or lambing trees in your yard.

This model also provides you with convenient features such as the automatic bar and chain oiler that keeps your chain fully lubricated throughout the running period for a smooth, efficient operation.

You’ll find the super clean engine feature in this model, which allows you to enjoy longer working intervals between cleaning your air filter.

For convenient operation, it comes with a reduced vibration handle that reduced use fatigue and provides you with the ultimate comfort when operating the unit.

The chain brake acts as an added safety measure that minimizes the chances of operator injury in case a kickback occurs.

Poulan 967607201 is a real predator that easily and quickly preys on any wood you throw its way. It has enough power to cut through different tree diameters.

As an added bonus, you’ll also get a pair of gloves, an extra chain, 2-cycle oil, chain and bar oil, and a file. Best of all, you’ll get a 1-year consumer warranty.

Highlighted features

  • 42cc 2 cycle engine-18 inches bar length.
  • Automatic chain and bar oiler.
  • Reduced vibration system for comfort and reduced operator fatigue.
  • 1-year consumer warranty.

8. Poulan Pro 40V Chainsaw Review

Poulan Pro 967044101 Chainsaw puts real power in your hands. The 40V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery operated chainsaw has a performance equal to that of gas- but without all those noises, fumes and cords related to the gas. Quiet and environmentally friendly, this machine is suitable for de-limping and felling trees.

Unlike its competitors, this model comes with a highly efficient, brushless motor that ensures a longer life and extended runtime. This helps increase your battery life while maximizing the engine performance.

With the instant push-button, you’ll get started instantly, without undergoing the hassle of pulling the cord. And because this machine comes with an ergonomic design, you’re sure to enjoy superior comfort and control when using it.

Backed by a 4-year warranty (2-year charger and battery warranty), you can count on this machine to perform for years to come. The instant start, quiet operation, and ergonomic design are some of the top features that will make you love using this product for all your cutting tasks.

Highlighted features

  • Electronic chain break for added operator safety.
  • Automatic oiler that keeps your chain lubricated all Through.
  • Super-efficient brushless motor for extended lifespan and runtimes.
  • 14 inches bar and chain promotes precision cutting of trees, limbs of up to 6” diameter.

9. Poulan16″ Gas-Powered Chain Saw

Poulan P3416 is a lightweight model (at 11.8 lbs. only) and does an excellent job at cutting tree branches and firewood around your lawn. It’s powered by a 34cc 2-cycle engine that generates enough power to drive the chain through wood for an easy and smooth cutting.

The machine comes with a list of excellent features that helps solve all your light cutting tasks needs. It features the anti-vibration handle that enables you to use it for long hours without getting bothered or fatigued by the vibrations.

Besides, it’s lightweight, so you can handle it for longer stretches without getting fatigued. The 16-inch bar translates to a 32 inches cutting capacity, allowing you to deal with trees of various sizes. You can count on the automatic oiling system to keep your chain lubricated and ready to cut throughout the job.

Like all its brothers, this machine also comes with a super clean air filter system that minimizes fuel usage while keeping your unit at its best. With the primer bulb, anyone including beginners can quickly start the machine and start cutting.

For your safety, it comes with the inertia activated chain that breaks the moment it detects a kickback, shielding you from the imminent dangers of the same.

Poulan P3416 is perfect for light cutting tasks, with a cutting capacity of up to 32 inches. It’s sturdily constructed and outputs an excellent performance- as you’d expect. It comes fully assembled and backed by 1-year warranty.

Highlighted features

  • Suitable for lighter cutting tasks around your home.
  • Comes with primer bulb for easy start.
  • Super clean air filter system.
  • Features auto-oiling system.
  • Inertia activated chain brake.
  • Non-CARB compliant; not for sale in California-comes fully assembled.

10. Poulan 14″ 2-Cycle Gas Chain Saw

Poulan P3314 makes an appearance on our list of top-rated Poulan chainsaws for its phenomenal performance and reliability. The incredibly lightweight machine comes fully assembled and does an excellent job at slicing firewood, and tree branches around your home.

The handy chainsaw will also provide you with enough power to get the job done, thanks to its 33cc 2-cycle engine.

It comes with a 14 inches long steel bar whose cutting capacity spans to around 28 inches, meaning it can handle trees with larger diameters- something unusual in most of the saws you’ll get out there.

And like all the other high-quality Poulan models, it features an automatic chain oiler that keeps your chain fully lubricated and active throughout.

With the super clean air filter system- standard across all Poulan saws- this model is sure to keep the 2-cycle fumes low, not forgetting an extended air filter lifespan.

For your safety, the machine comes with inertia activated that halts in the case of a kickback incidence- again, this is a feature you’ll not find in most models out there today.

Poulan P3314 makes another perfect match for any homeowner looking for a convenient saw for carrying out everyday cutting tasks around the yard.

It’s an incredibly easy to use machine (with a primer bulb for an easy start), making it ideal for beginners as well. It comes fully assembled and has a 1-year warranty.

Highlighted features

  • 14-inch 33cc gas chainsaw.
  • Perfect for handsaws, hand tools, and tools organizers.
  • Manufactured in China.
  • Automatic chain oiler.
  • Ideal for cutting tasks around your yard, with 28 inches cutting capacity.
  • Incorporates a super clean air filter system.
  • Features a primer bulb for easy starting.
  • Non-CARB compliant; not for sale in California.

What is A Poulan Chainsaw ?

In the simplest words possible, Poulan chainsaws are low to mid-level quality chainsaws. They’re designed to offer the best value to every homeowner regarding durability, quality, and power.

Best part, they come with affordable prices which make them even more attractive to customers.

This might come as a big surprise to most people, but it’s a fact:

Poulan Pro, the brand behind the manufacturer of these Poulan chainsaws is owned by Husqvarna, the renowned world chainsaw manufacturer.

Yes, you heard it right!

Originally, Poulan was an independent America-based company, situated in Shreveport, Louisiana and recognized by the name Poulan Saw Company (in 1944). It was founded Claude Poulan- a chainsaw pioneer.

In 1959, the company was sold to Beaird Company- also from Shreveport- and changed its name to Beaird-Poulan.

Emerson Electric Co. then acquired the company in 1973.

Eventually, it was purchased by Electrolux.

Electrolux owns Husqvarna, and Poulan is Husqvarna’s subset. In other terms, both Husqvarna and Poulan belong to Electrolux.

NOTE: The two brands do not compete in any way, given that Husqvarna manufactures professional-grade machines while Poulan produces the low to mid-level quality models.

Common Poulan Pro Chainsaw Problems and Troubleshooting

Like any other chainsaw or machine, you might experience some troubles trying to run your machine at one time.

When this happens, don’t panic.

Relax and look at our compilation of the common Poulan Pro saws problems and troubleshooting tips below:

1. Your Poulan chainsaw fails to start

Several reasons can cause your machine engine to fail to start. When you encounter this, check the following items:

Ensure the On/Off switch is on the correct on position

Ensure you’re using a fuel mixture that’s less than 90 days old; mixed at the ratio 40:1 (avoid storing and using fuel mixture from previous sessions)

Check your air filter and clean it if necessary. Fouled or incorrectly gapped spark plugs can as well result in failure of your machine to start. Just remove the plug and clean the electrode using a small brush wire. If the plug is wet fouled with gasoline, replace it with a new one.

If you’re using your machine in hot weather and it sits for around 15-30 minutes before starting, you’d want to check the fuel filter and even replace it if necessary.

If you smell fuel after your machine fails to start, this is a sign of a flooded unit. There are two main ways of getting rid of the excess fuel getting the machine started.

First, let the machine sit for roughly 15-20 minutes to allow the fuel to evaporate from your engine and then try starting again. For most cases, this works with mildly flooded units.

A better option involves turning the choke off, activating the first idle (ie, engage the trigger assembly/throttle lock or pull the choke out and push it back- depending on your saw model), turn on the switch, firmly hold your saw on the ground as you do the normal starting, and sharply pull the starter rope until your machine starts.

2. Your Poulan saw chain cuts improperly

Several things might cause your saw not to cut accurately.

If you’re using your saw for the first time and the chain fails to cut properly, it might have been installed backward

If it have been cutting well, but it suddenly starts misbehaving, this could be a sign that you have dulled.

Your saw chain takes seconds to dull, especially when it comes into contact and cuts dirt. The dulled chain tends to produce sawdust rather than wood chips when cutting

You might also need to take a closer look at your chain. Inspect the cutters on your chain as well as the guide bar rails.

If one side of the cutter appears to be sharper than the other, then the sharper side will tend to cut deeper. If the rails on your guide bar are uneven, your chain will cut deeper on one end, resulting in a crooked cut.

3. Your Poulan saw chain fails to turn

When this happens, first stop your engine.

Then proceed to check the chain brake to ensure it’s not engaged. Bear in mind that the chain brake automatically activates when a sudden movement or impact occurs. To disengage the chain brake, pull its hand guard against the front handle and release slowly.

If after disengaging the brake, your chain still fails to turn on, consider turning off the saw and inspect the bar groove, sprocket nose on the bar, and the drive links on your chain.

The presence of a burr on the drive links tends to bind the chain in the bar, stopping it from running.

Also, if the bar is pinched, the chain might experience difficulties passing through the groove.

A sliver of wood in the sprocket nose will prevent the chain from turning at all.

Check the drive sprocket on your saw to see if it has a groove worn into it; drive sprocket with groove worn into it can damage the chain.

4. Your Poulan saw won’t stop running

This can be attributed to the following causes:

Your Poulan saw chain rotates as a result of the clutch pads engaging the clutch drum.

When the engine slows, return springs effectively retracts the pads to help disengage the chain. If these springs get broken, the clutch pads are unable to retract, and your chain turns non-stop.

Consider replacing your unit’s clutch assembly to solve this problem.

5. Your Poulan chainsaw starts then stalls

Check the spark arrestor. This is a small screen tasked with preventing your engine from emitting any sparks.

With time, it might become clogged with soot, causing your chainsaw to run rough or run stall. You can opt to unclog the arrestor (by removing it and cleaning it with small brush wire) or even replace it.

A clogged carburetor might also be the cause. A clogged carburetor occurs when you leave fuel in your chainsaw for longer periods of time.

Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel evaporate leaving behind a thick, sticky substance. This substance is what clogs your carburetor, causing your saw engine to stall.

You can opt to unclog it by cleaning it. And if that’s not effective, consider rebuilding or replacing it.

You might also check your fuel filter for possible clogging. Leaving old fuel in your saw results in a clogged fuel filter.

As in the case of a carburetor, the ingredients of the fuel will evaporate with time and leave behind a thick, sticky substance. This causes the engine to stall. If you’ve old fuel in your chainsaw, consider draining it and replacing the fuel filter.

Final Verdict

These are 10 top-rated Poulan Pro chainsaw reviews. The 10 models are characterized by durability, reliability, plenty of power, and phenomenal performance. They’re suitable for all homeowners who want a chainsaw that enable them to successfully carry out light to heavy cutting tasks around their yards.

They come with all the essential features you’d expect in a chainsaw, plus safety features to ensure you remain safe as you go about operating your machine. To top it all, all these saws come with pocket-friendly prices to suit even the homeowners on a tight budget.

Regardless of your chainsaw skills, needs, budget, etc., you’ll find one perfect model for you from the above Best Poulan chainsaw reviews.

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