Best Pole Saw For Palm Trees [Expert Opinion]

Best Pole Saw For Palm Trees

At times. We all need to chop down trees. And some of the most chopped trees are none other than the rigid, and tall palm tree. However, there are many pole saws available in the market which can confuse you regarding what to buy.

Hence, we’ve come up with an article which is going to solve all your queries. Keep reading below to know about the Best pole saw for palm trees and the ultimate buying guide to pole saw for palm trees.

Best Pole Saw For Palm Trees In This Year

1. Happybuy Telescopic Pole Saw

This particular pole saw by Happy buy tops our list of reviews. The durability, the stretchable pole, the sharpness of the saw – we find everything on it to be perfect! Not only will this saw provide you with ease of chopping down the goods you desire, but it will also cut your labor by improving efficiency.

Undoubtedly, the precision of the saw will also awe you. You’ll never need another pole saw after using this one, no doubt about that. You’ll find this saw to tend to all your pruning needs in a wide mannerism. Frankly, we love the saw, and there’s barely anything to complain about!

What We Liked

  • Highest durability within pole saws
  • Equipped with a lightweight telescopic pole
  • The ideal length for chopping domestic things
  • Super sharp
  • Foam grip helps to boost efficiency.
  • Vastly applicable for chopping goods

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slippery latches
  • Flimsy pole

2. Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw

If your primary goal is looking for a pole saw which is vastly extended, this product is the one for you. Sun Joe’s telescopic electric pole chain saw not only provides you ample sharpness for chopping up your logs and barks, but it also gives you ease of use.

It’s also equipped with automatic lubrication. Believe it or not, lubrication does play an important part when you’re working on bigger projects. The oil tank capacity on this pole saw is 2.6 fluid ounces. Therefore, you’ll be worry-free about your pole saw drying out while you chop your goods.

This pole saw also has the capacity of cutting branches as wide as 7.5 inches, so there’s no doubt about it being powerful! All the features themselves make this pole saw one of the best pole saw for palm trees.

What We Liked

  • Able to chop of thick palm trees
  • Equipped with sharp blades
  • 15 ft extending telescopic pole
  • Moderate sound
  • Generates more power than usual pole saws
  • Auto lubrication system

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lousy customer service.
  • Overheats at times of heavy usage.

3. BLACK+DECKER 20V Pole Saw

Next up on our list is BLACK+DECKER’s pole saw. It’s one of the best pole saw for palm trees. Why? The answer is simple – it provides more than 100 cuts in just one charge! Not only does it come with a high charge source, but it also cuts wonders at a time. The maximum width the pole saw can cut is 6″.

The package comes with an oil bottle for your convenience. Not only that but also it comes with a 20V LI-ion pack as well as a charger. We also have to mention how accessible the wrench is, which it comes with. The high functioning RPM value is 375- hence you saw it cuts fast. It won’t take much time to chop off your palm trees.

What We Liked

  • Super lightweight
  • Equipped with temperamental gasoline chain saw.
  • Best for domestic duties.
  • Battery regulated.
  • Can handle heavy pruning.
  • Easy to adjust.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with an oil reservoir.
  • Gets stuck on a slop.

4. Remington Electric Pole Saw

If you’re looking for a pole saw that would convert itself into a more convenient tool, Remington’s 2 in 1 pole saw will be the best product for you to own. This pole is simply one of the most accessible domestic saws. It can convert itself from a pole saw to a chain saw within a whiff. This can prove to be useful during many situations of chopping up your palm trees.

What at first will seem hard to reach will be easily accessible with this extended pole saw. It can reach as far as up to 15 feet. The flip and lock clamps on this chain and pole saw allow it to be comfortable to use and very secure. You can leave your worries about your pole saw safety to this machine, as this will prove to be the safest pole saw you’ve used.

All the features contribute themselves to make this one of the best pole saw for palm trees.

What We Liked

  • The extended pole makes it easily accessible.
  • Convenient conversion to a pole saw from chainsaw.
  • Cutting edge design
  • Handles heavy-duty pruning
  • Cost-efficient
  • Extremely durable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Loose chain guide bar
  • Excessively heavy for many people

Buying Guide 

Crosscut vs. rip teeth crosscut saw is a subcategory of hand saws, the collection of all saws that operate on muscle strength rather than gas or electricity (sometimes written as three terms, ‘crosscut saw’).The teeth are the most meaningful differentiation. Almost always, you’ll find a wedge-like resemblance at the teeth of a rip saw. So, make sure to inspect closely. Their role is to break the log, via the grain, down the center.

Crosscut teeth, on the other side, are formed like knives. They saw through the wood grain back and forth, chopping it off as they go. This form cuts more slowly than a rip saw, close to how a blade is less powerful than an ax in breaking trees, but it leaves a much cleaner face on the wood when you are done.

The tooth count of a hand saw is represented in either tooth per inch (number of total teeth per inch of a blade). It can also be denoted on the basis of a point per inch.

The wider the blade of the saw, the deeper you will cut in one time with it. A cross-section saw will certainly be used to hack down a larger tree than a long saw, but it’s pretty frustrating.

The actual range of a saw that can be used by one human at a time is around three feet. Four-foot blades, including our #2 Lynx choice, perform well with two individuals who run them.

Crosscut saws are supposed to get cleaner slices, but they have an average of higher tooth numbers. Bear in mind, though, that it is the shape of the teeth that creates a crosscut saw, not the quantity. In order to be effective at smashing across thicker trunks, crosscut saws may have lower TPI counts.

Why are you going to engage in pole sawing ?

In particular, if you are not into planting, pole saws may not seem to be quite necessary. However, please look at the following factors to find out why it is important for you to invest in one.

Safety : You should easily reach the pole to your ideal height to trim the branches and vines instead of getting up on a ladder with a saw.

Cost-friendly : It is not a very costly contraption for the pole saw; it is very reasonable and convenient to use.

Maintenance helps : Without needing to waste a lot of time and resources on maintenance, the saw will help you maintain your garden and house landscape neat and tidy.

There is a range of outstanding items being tried, and unbiased reports are being published. The highest-scoring ones are then further sought by the general public to see their answer and have a second impartial opinion. The results are subsequently optimized.

All the items picked are then written down by our specialist writers with all their answers. Skilled persons often aim to study these goods, supplying them with a detailed understanding of the commodity.

How to use the saw on the pole?

Make sure that you read the directions and carry your protective clothing before you start using your pole saw. Your first move should be to clear a working area so that nothing or something can fall on anything you cut.

Make sure you know the location and angle you are going to be cutting and how long you will be cutting. Take your time and watch closely; do not be shy to ask for advice from neighbors.

Place the saw and use both hands to guarantee that the saw is secure and that you can regulate the weight of the saw. As expected, start cutting and work your way. When you are finished, do not forget to clean the place thoroughly

Guide to Purchasing

Certain items are going to help you locate the finest pole saw on the market. The following are the few focus points that will decide the consistency of the goods.

Choose the source of influence

The first choice you are going to have to make is the pole saw’s power supply. Below are three of the simple choices you can find :


Usually, the electric one would be attached to a power socket. It is a nice choice because it still gives a lot of strength, but it continues to create so much noise, and wires and cables create a disturbance.


Batteries operated by the battery work based on lithium or alkaline batteries. They offer rational power and are quite handy.


In terms of wire and wires, this often gives comfort. It creates a lot of noise, though, which makes use of valuable natural capital.

Choose the extension

It is possible to expand some of the pole saws in height, although others are just very long. Choosing the expanding ones is ideal such that you have more alternatives. Make sure that there is a strong lock on the extension. When it is going, you do not want the pole to collapse. Extensions will even be up to 8 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet from a few different heights; pick the more comfortable for you.

Versatility Availability

It is necessary to mount the motor of most pole saws to various structures, such as leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and other gardening equipment. If you believe that you need more tools, you may choose this choice. However, make sure all the other equipment is readily accessible to you before buying a flexible pole saw.

Auto Lubrication by Auto

An auto oiling device in the newest of the pole saws holds the engine working steadily, even when it gets tight. It releases the oil immediately and assists in the cleaning without needing to send it to a specialist or make a mess.

Advice on the application of a pole saw

Make sure that you obey the following tips until you get to use the pole saw. Test the system closely for holes, leaks, cable wire defects, faults in the cord, nuts, bolts, etc. If you are struggling with heavy branches, ensure that you are carrying your security gear: survival goggles, gloves, and even a mask.

No matter how light the unit is, use both your hands so that you can get a great angle, better balance, and better weight distribution. Be sure that with a solid base, you are standing straight and tight. Besides, if possible, make sure that there is ample room for you to walk about.

Maintenance tips for pole saws

If your pole saw does not have an automated oiling option, you may need to make a few additional efforts to preserve the machine for long life and simple usage. A few ideas that are going to help you out are the following.

Only make sure that the unit is in order until you use the saw. Both the pins, nuts, and bolts should be positioned where they should be and securely installed. To see if it is in a great location, take a glance at the chain. After any use, do some basic cleaning with a damp rag no matter how long you have used it. When you are washing it, make sure it is not attached and properly locked.

Hold the unit firmly in the garage’s storage bag. For protection and recycling reasons, never leaving anything out. If you have an electric saw, make sure that you inspect all the wires and place them away neatly.

If you have a gas saw, then periodically check the filter and repair it when appropriate. Search for leakage sometimes, including through the system is not in service. When storing it, make sure that you empty the unit.


That’s about it for our article. We hope you had fun learning about the best pole saw for palm trees as much as we did for writing them. Till the next time, happy pruning!

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