OurTop 5 Orchid Pots [Evert Think You Need To Know]

Best Orchid Pots

Orchids are as tricky as beautiful they are. Despite being one of the most coveted house plants, it can be quite hard to keep an Orchid plant alive.

There are so many things you need to ensure for your plant’s steady growth – Enough light, excellent drainage, proper airflow, space to grow in. This all can be very overwhelming.

But, all of these issues can be solved with just one thing – a proper Orchid pot. 

Here in this article, we have gathered the Best Orchid Pots that meet all those criteria and then some more. 

Whether you are looking for something budget-friendly, something long-term, something convenient for your traveler’s heart, or even something super trendy, we have an option for you. Just keep on reading.

Best Orchid Pots Review In This Year

1. RePotme Slotted Orchid Pot Review


Any plant-parent knows the importance of proper maintenance of water drainage. Orchids need extreme drainage, especially in the root area. That is where this particular orchid pot specializes in.

These pots have slots for maximum water drainage and aeration all around the axis with the slots getting slightly wider towards the base giving the roots the much-needed water drainage for elevated growth.

The slots on the sides are perfectly shaped so that the potting mix won’t leak out with the drainage and you can also stack up two pots to reduce the size of the slots to adjust it for other plants that require more moisture.

Being made out of clear plastic material, it allows you to closely monitor the growth of your plant. The material is also durable and not brittle despite having as many as 46 slots cut throughout the sides and the bottom.

The pots come in a set of 4, each in different measurements. Namely, 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” making sure your growing plant will always have more space to grow into and lateral root growth would be consistent.   

This pot set would be great for anyone who is just starting off with house plants. Since it is so easy and user friendly, it does half the work for you.

What We Liked

  • The pots are durable despite having so many aeration slots
  • The bottom is raised to ensure proper water drainage
  • The see-through design lets you monitor plant growth

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pots don’t come with water drainage trays
  • These pots do not taper at the end which can be an issue when putting it in decorative pots

Highlighted Features

  • The pots are built from plant-safe materials
  • Built to be UV ray protestant for safe plant growth
  • Pots have aeration slots on all sides for maximum airflow and water drainage to provide optimum growth in smaller plants
  • Best suited for Orchids; works with African violets and succulents
  • Works seamlessly with almost any kind of plant mix.

2. LINK SOLAR Orchids Planters


The link solar mesh net pots were designed and shaped specifically with Orchid plants in mind. These work perfectly with all types of orchids and soil-based plant mixes. 

The set consists of two pieces – one inner pot and an outer pot. The inner pot is made entirely of mesh net for elevated aeration and maximum drainage needed for healthy orchid plants. It even encourages and directs lateral root growth for optimum results.

The outer pot has holes cut at the bottom for drainage as well.

The pot is made from top-notch heat resistant plastic that is also RoHS approved meaning it is planted safe and won’t do any harm to your precious orchids.

However, it’s not only about orchids. Any plant that needs extreme drainage would work perfectly for this pot. So, even if your orchid outgrows the pot at some point, you’d still, more than likely, be able to use it for other house plants.

The mesh net allows free airflow throughout and is also good for the roots. Because of the tiny little gaps in the mesh any overgrown root can easily be dried out and managed instead of it getting tangled and dying out. This pot has all the room your plant needs to grow in. 

If you’re looking for an easy, affordable, and effective solution for your orchid potting needs, this one’s for you.

What We Liked

  • Excellent drainage system
  • Shaped perfectly for orchids
  • Keeps the airflow functional
  • Increases the number of lateral roots
  • Promotes growth by almost twice
  • Lowers the demand for plant cultivation medium

What We Didn’t Like

  • It can damage furniture if watered indoors.
  • Doesn’t come with a saucer to contain the leakage from the pot

Highlighted Features

  • The set comes 1 with an inner pot and 1 outer pot. The inner pot is a meshed net and the outer pot is solid with drainage holes for water and airflow.
  • Made out of heat resistant plastic
  • There is plenty of room between the inner and outer pots to make for optimum plant growth
  • The material of the pot is ROHS approved

3. Mkono 7″ Plastic Orchid Pots Review


The Mkono Plastic Orchid Pots are one of the more Sleek and elegant 

Selections on this list. Mkono is known for its homemade touch and elegant finish on all of its products and this one is no different.

The white plastic orchid pot set comes with an inner pot, an outer pot, and a saucer. The inner pots are neatly slotted to easily let in air and let out water without disturbing the potting mix in the slightest. Even the outer pot has drainage slots at the bottom to let out excess water so your Orchids can be nice and healthy.

It also has an added saucer to contain the water from the pots so it doesn’t leak on your furniture. This makes the pot both decorative and functional.

  • These pots come with a root control design. Growing plants can often 
  • become too big for the initial pot they were planted in and when that 
  • happens the lateral roots can start bunging up and dying from the clots. 
  • This slotted inner pot allows the roots to free grow out without killing.
  • them. This encourages healthy root growth. 

If you’re someone who’s after a minimalist look and supreme functionality The Mkono Plastic Orchid Pot would be the best fit for you.

What We Liked

  • Comes with a saucer for water drainage
  • You can interlock the inner and outer pots by rotating them
  • Has a good-sized outer lift for easy lifting and handling of the pot

What We Didn’t Like

  • The saucer is shallow and prone to overflowing
  • The roots can grow out through the mesh and get tangled making any further reporting complicated

Highlighted Features

  • Increases the uptake of nutrients and water in plants
  • Specifically designed to house different types of orchids
  • The inner pots are slotted and vented for maximum aeration
  • The outer pots have drainage slots on the bottom
  • Made from high-quality PP plastic material
  • The pots are designed to encourage root growth and direct the lateral roots
  • The root control design prevents overgrown root circling

4. Santino 6.5″ Watering Planter Review


Self-watering pots are the modern man’s gardening best friends. Leaving on a solo trip? A family emergency? A spontaneous road trip down to Idaho? But… What about your orchids? Fear not! We have the perfect solution for you – The Santino 6.5 Inch Self Watering Planters. 

This planter has a large built-in water reservoir that can store up to 0.5 gallons of water and keep your plant well hydrated up to 4 weeks.

Apart from being highly functional and oh-so-convenient this planter also has tons of growth benefits for your lovely orchid plant. 

Since this is a self-watering planter, it continuously uses the stored up water and wets the soil on a regular basis. However, because the water is enclosed and not being drained constantly, it doesn’t strip the potting mix of its nutritional values. It keeps your plants healthy and promotes all-around faster growth.

Something that hinders good plant health is not being able to water deeply. Planters that need to be watered on a regular basis also need to be drained on a regular basis. This makes the roots dry out faster. But, built-in water reservoirs are perfect for that. This helps with healthier, greener, bigger plants in a matter of months.

So if you’re someone who’s a plant lover with a never-ending zeal for unknown adventures, this is going to be one of the best orchid pots for you.

What We Liked

  • Easy, quick watering
  • Allows the plant to be watered deeply resulting in healthier root and overall growth
  • The self-watering system keeps the nutrients of the soil intact reinforcing healthier and faster growth

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes if not maintained
  • Roots can grow into the water reservoir over a long period of time

Highlighted Features

  • Sustainable self-watering system
  • Made from UV stabilized durable plastic material
  • The pots are long-lasting and stay in reusable condition for years
  • The self-watering feature focuses on the roots rather than the leaves which makes the plant grow faster and healthier
  • Can store 0.5 gallons  of water at a time providing water to your plants for up to four weeks

5. Blue Sapphire Orchitop Carousel Orchid Pot


This rePotme Orchitop Carousel Orchid Pot would undoubtedly satisfy the hearts of all the interior design fanatics out there. This one is more on the unique, unconventionally beautiful designs while maintaining 100% of its functionality.

This Orchid Pot is made out of UV resistant top-notch plastic bars placed vertically with slight gaps in between for aeration and drainage. Structurally this pot is more flexible than anything else. The upright plastic bars flex in any way that they are pushed allowing free unhinged growth for your plant roots.

It comes with its own matching saucer for the drainage and sits perfectly on any surface. It is also shaped perfectly for a growing orchid. 

If your orchid eventually outgrows the rePotme 5.25″ Orchitop Carousel Orchid Pot, it’s unique structure would make taking out your plant and repotting absolutely hassle-free. Since there are no horizontal bars, holes, or slants there’s nothing obstructing or getting tangled with its roots. 

Oh, and did we mention, it is absolutely reusable? That’s right. This orchid pot is extremely durable and reusable. If your orchid becomes too big for this pot, you can use it for other plants and succulents later on. It is also super lightweight, compared to other ceramic decorative plants. So you can move it whenever you want.

So, despite being slightly pricey this one could be the perfect investment in your indoor gardening journey.

What We Liked

  • Looks unique and fashion-forward
  • No horizontal bars so nothing gets tangled with the roots
  • Re-potting your orchids becomes hassle-free
  • Lighter than ceramic decorative pots
  • Extremely durable structurally

What We Didn’t Like

  • More on the expensive side
  • If you’re using very fine potting mix you might need to use an inner pot

Highlighted Features

  • Unique, eye-catching design that adds an element of decor to your indoor space
  • Provides maximum aeration, water drainage, and light exposure
  •  Comes with its own matching saucer
  • Comes in a suitable size for orchids
  • Made out of UV resistant flexible plastic that allows natural direction for root growth without any obstructions
  • Comes in eight different, perfectly saturated colors with a jewel-like finish

Buying Guide best orchid pots In This Year

When it comes to indoor gardening, orchids are a near and dear plant. Orchids look exotic and are easy to take care of if you understand what it needs, and when.

To begin with, an orchid will easily die from over watering. It is a common mistake amongst home gardeners. So to refrain from accidentally drowning your lovely plant, you’d need a pot that caters to the need of extreme drainage.

But, here’s the catch, “pots with extreme drainage” is not enough. There are tons of different types of pots that have that feature. You need a pot that caters to the needs of your Orchid.

So, today we are going to give you a quick rundown of the things you should consider before making the purchase.


Orchid pots come in tons of different sizes. Smaller plants would need smaller pots to start with. 


There are different kinds of materials. Such as plastic, mesh net, bamboo, ceramic, wood, etc. Plastic and mesh pots are easier to handle and maneuver, ceramic is heavier and used in more decorative pots, bamboo and wood are a more eco-friendly option. You also want to check whether the pot is made from plant safe material.

Aeration and Drainage

The two most important factors in your plant’s healthy growth – Aeration and water drainage. You should choose the way that’s most convenient for you. You can get slotted plastic pots or mesh net pots with a saucer for regular upkeep. Or you can choose a self-watering option if you travel a lot.

In any case, you should always choose the pot that makes it easier for you to take care of your plant. That way your plant would have consistent healthy growth.

frequently asked questions

Q: What size orchid pot should I get?

Ans: As a rule of thumb, a 4,5, or 6-inch pot is ideal. However, depending on the size of your plant, it is wise to get a slightly bigger pot so your plant would have plenty of space to grow in.

Q: Do I need a transparent pot for my orchid?

Ans: Not necessarily. But, a transparent pot would make monitoring root growth much easier so you know when it’s time to repot your plant.

Q: Can I reuse my Orchid pot?

Ans: Yes. Orchid pots usually have a lot of water drainage so any other plant that needs less moisture should be fine. Like a succulent.

Bottom Line

In my personal experience, orchids are tough plants. The minute mistakes can set off big reactions in your plant. But with proper love and care, when your orchid blooms, it will all seem worth it.

It is, as they say, plants are our good friends and good friendships need nurturing. So, don’t just improvise, take the first step towards that loving bond with a proper Orchid pot. 

Lastly, if you’ve stuck around till the end of our 5 best orchid pots review thank you very much for reading along. We hope this article was helpful in your search. And, we’ll leave with the wish that you find your own best orchid pot.

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