Best jewelers saw : Review And Buyer’s Guide

Best jewelers saw

Before we get down to the reviews, we need to know what exactly a jeweler saw. A jewelers saw is also known as a piercing saw. It is a handy tool used for making jewelry on a shit metal. You can use a jewelers saw for piercing design on soft metals. If you a jeweler and looking for the best jewelers saw, then you are in the correct place because today,

I will review 5 of the jewelry saw for all of you out there as you might have already searched through the internet for the perfect jewelry saw. But due to a massive number of options, you might be confused. Worry, no more because we have picked the correct saws for you, and down below, we will review in detail related to all of these 5 Best jewelers saw Review.

Top 5 Best jewelers saw Review In This Year

Without talking much, we present to you our list of the Best jeweler saw. Read this section carefully, and hopefully, as you reach the end, you will be able to make your mind on what jewelers saw to get for yourself.

1. SE 3-In-1 Jeweler’s Saw Set

This jeweler’s saw comes at a dimension of 7.4 ounces. The SE 3-1 professional jeweler saw comes in a complete set of 144pieces. Hence you will be able to make all types of cuts. There are a total of 6 bundles of saws, with each bundle containing 24 pieces.

SE 3-1 is is suitable for woodworking, metal welding, and more. A saw frame is included in this package, which is used to carry the saw blades. The locking screws keep the blades stable, and the saw frame is steady, which helps you make straight and precise cuts quickly as you cut metal, plastic, wood, and other materials.

This Jewelers saw also comes with a V slot bench with a 2-inch table clamp. The table clamp ensures that you can keep your workpieces stable and they do not move while making cuts. Additionally, you can use this clamp to fit two ¼ inches thick table. The Wood bench is further very sturdy and is firmly fixed with your table with a clamp.

Numerous notches and slits offer a range of choices for achieving the specific cuts you need. The jewelry saw blades are tightly fixed, and the saw frame is held steady by the locking screws.

What We Liked

  • It comes as a bundle of 6 saws, containing all the pieces for all types of cuts.
  • The wood bench is very securely fixed to the table.
  • The Saw frame is adjustable.
  • The blades are made out of good quality steel.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It does not come with an instruction manual.

2. Prolinemax 3 In 1 Jeweler’s Saw

The Prolinemax 3-1 jeweler’s saw comes with a dimension of 9.57 x 6.46 x 1.77 inches with a weight of 1 pound. This is a very small and lightweight jewelry saw from Prolinemax. Despite being smaller in size, this saw is a full-fledged professional jeweler’s saw.

It has a wooden handle of 4 inches x ½ inches dimension, which is a good enough size for a more comfortable grip. You can use this saw to cut wood, metal, and plastics easily. However, do not cut dry plastic with this saw; since it gets a bit hot while running.

The small and compact size makes this jeweler saw easy to carry and move from place to place. The V-slot bench comes with a pin and clamp, which will help you to keep the saw fixed. The V-slot comes at a depth of 3-1/2 inches, allowing you to even work with thicker materials.

The body is made up of both wood and metal, which makes it very robust and strong. The clamp has a thickness of 6mm with an opening of 2-5/8 inches; hence you can easily see that this will work very well with thicker woods. As this saw comes as a set of 144 pieces, you will find many different sizes; 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 1, and 2.

What We Liked

  • It comes with a PVC pouch to carry all the accessories and pieces.
  • Wood and metal construction making it strong.
  • This saw has a wooden handle for better grip.
  • Very lightweight.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cannot cut dry plastic

3. SE 3” Professional Jeweler’s Saw

This Jewelers saw frame is another excellent product from SE in our list of best jewelers saw. When it comes to quality, the SE never compromises, and you can justify that by witnessing the quality of their products. It comes with a dimension of 9.8 x 4.9 x 1.3 inches with a weight of 2.89 ounces.

For jewelry making, woodworking, crafts, hobbies, and so much more, this professional quality adjustable jeweler’s saw frame enables you to work with different blade lengths, with thumbscrews that securely lock the blades into the frame. SE is dedicated to offering the best source of value to its clients.

This jeweler’s saw frame is beneficial for working on smaller projects as it allows a depth cut of 3 inches. You can use this saw frame to make various cuts in different styles due to it adapting to a number of blade lengths. This saw blade’s flexibility and adaptability come from its ability to change for different blade lengths.

You will also find Black Wooden handle thumbscrews. This handle and screws assist in accurate and comfortable cutting. This will make sure that you get your desired cuts more efficiently and accurately. All these features make this jeweler saw frame an excellent item for precise and accurate cuts easily.

What We Liked

  • This is adjustable for various blade lengths.
  • It has a cut depth of up to 3 inches.
  • It has thumbscrews to secure the blade into the frame.
  • You can use it professionally as well.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Saw blade is not included.

4. ZONA Adjustable Jeweler’s Saw

The ZONA 35750 adjustable jewelers saw comes at a dimension of 12 x 5 x 1 inches with a weight of 0.4 pounds. This is a very compact jeweler saw from ZONA that comes at a reasonable price. If you are on a budget and a beginner, then this saw can be the right choice.

The frame is very secured as it is made from steel frame; hence you can stay assured to use it for a very long period of time. Furthermore, the chrome finish makes this jewelry saw visually appealing to your eyes. The design of this small saw is done in such a way that it can easily cut all types of materials like metals and plastics effectively.

This jewelry saw also is very useful to save your money, as you can adjust the frame, which eventually increases the life of broken jewelry saw blades. Hence, this will save you money, as you do not need to buy new blades frequently.

The ZONA adjustable jewelers saw is adjustable; hence you can use it with blades of any size as well as frets and scroll. This adjustability makes it a suitable saw for making many different cuts easily. IT also comes with a 5-inch-long blade which is 38 TPI; this blade is very sharp and durable over the long term.

What We Liked

  • It comes with a durable 5 inches, 38 TPI blade.
  • You can use it with all types of blades.
  • It has an Adjustable frame that extends blade life.
  • Steel construction so can withstand heavy pressure and load.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Screws are not that sensible and are hard to adjust.

5. Beadalon Wire Jewelers Saw

The Beadalon 223S-100 jewelers saw comes at a dimension of 1.5 x 4.75 x 8.25 inches with a weight of 9 ounces. This is another great jewelers saw frame which also comes with a blade assortment. The Creative Wire Saw Frame comes with everything you’ll need to get started cutting sheet metal, large gauge wire, and a range of other metal, wood, and other materials.

This jewelry saw is intended mostly for jewelers who wish to make unique jewelry masterpieces. Build a pattern on a self-adhesive label by printing or tracing it. Connect it to a copper sheet and use this saw to cut it out for personalized jewelry.

You will find three size blades with this jewelry saw frame, and that’s not all each of these sizes will come in a pack of 12 blades. So, you will always have extra blades in case one or two break down.

This is also an excellent choice for a beginner as you will find instructions clearly on the box. As a result, even as a beginner, you should have no trouble following these instructions to use this saw. Moreover, it is very easy to use; you just need to make sure that the blade remains very tight in the saw.

What We Liked

  • It comes with everything to get you started working.
  • Suitable for beginners and professional jewelry makers.
  • It includes three different sizes of blades.
  • Can be used to cut all type of materials.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The wooden handle is not very durable.

Buying Guide for Our 5 Best Jewelers saw

We have prepared this buying guide to keep in mind that our readers will need some sort of guidance before finding the best jewelers saw for themselves. You can find many different types of Jewelers saw, but you need to keep specific points in your head before buying one.

Here you will find a brief idea about everything that you should consider while finding the perfect jeweler saw.

Blade size

Jewelers saw blades are a very important factor for a jeweler saw. Choosing the right size blade for the job is one of the most critical aspects of metal cutting. Saw blades are available for a number of cuts, which are determined by the distance between the teeth or teeth per inch.

Blades range from 6/0, 8/0, 7/0, ½, and many more, and all of these saw blades for jewelers saw are available in the market. Finer blades are more convenient to use, but they are often slower. Coarser blades eliminate a wider path but cut quicker.

Choosing a saw blade with two or more teeth for the thickness of the metal being sawed is the best guideline for assessing blade thickness. Hence to ensure that you always have the perfect blades for your required cuts, we suggest you carry a set of different blades.


As you have already read reviews of 5 different jewelers, saw. You have seen how each of them varies by different features and specifications. So, it depends on your usage, what are you going to use the jewelers saw for.

Hence, always read the features carefully before buying the saw and check whether the features are sufficient to get your work done.

Build Quality

Again, like all other tools, a jeweler saw also needs to be durable. You do not want to buy a new saw every week. A jewelers saw needs to be of superior quality;
The build quality must be very good to make sure that your saw serves you for very long. Usually, steel frames are more durable compared to wood construction. Hence, make sure to find a jewelers saw which is made of very good quality, robust and durable material.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Do not just go for fancy jewelry saws, which are just good-looking. Before buying any saw, go through the customer ratings and reviews carefully. Do not just hop on a product on the first view. Read the customer reviews and ratings carefully and see if it comes with good ratings.

Only go for products with positive customer ratings. However, to save you from this trouble of researching, we have selected all our jewelers’ saws based on many positive customer ratings and reviews.


While selecting the perfect Jewelry saw, we recommend you go for the right brand product. We suggest you not choose the product from any random brand based just on a fancy name with no proper brand background.


We came to the conclusion of our review of the best jewelers saw. Above, we have discussed everything you need to know related to the jeweler saw. The buying guide will help you make a decision. Additionally, our list of the five jewelers saw consists of the best choices in the market.

We did our research, and after trying and crossing many products, we made our mind to these five jewelers saws. We are not asking you to listen to us and instantly go for our products. But, when you are done with your own research, you have to come back to our list since you will not be able to find better options.

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