Best Cabinet Table Saws – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Cabinet Table Saws

Cabinet saws have been around for quite some time now. But that doesn’t hide the fact that they are more expensive than the average user can handle. But if you think of a cabinet table saw, then you’ll see that they’re more suitable for regular, lightweight woodworking. If you wanted to design the wooden interior of your kitchen on your own, then a cabinet table saw would be your best bet.

And that is the focus of today’s review on the Best cabinet table saws. We would like to share some of the best available table saw options for small-scale use. But that doesn’t mean we are only doing it for the diy woodworking enthusiasts out there.

The average professional may need something for his home workshop to test and enhance his capabilities. For that very reason, we would ask them to go through the choices we have for them for the length of 2021.  

Granted, our choices may not be well received by some users out there. In that case (if you want to go with something else), we have several sections that are going to deal with brands, tips, and frequently asked questions.

Give them a read, they may come in handy. But for now, let’s get started with the cabinet saw reviews .

Our 5 Best Cabinet Table Saw Review In This Year

1. SawStop Cabinet Table Saw Review


The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 Professional Cabinet Saw takes first place in our review of the cabinet table saws. You’ll find this cabinet table saw to be a very effective addition to your arsenal of woodworking tools.

So, what’s so special about this cabinet saw?

For starters, the design overall is very robust. All of the design choices round up together, resulting in solid user experience. The attention to detail does stand out among the crowd of so many table saws.

You’ll find the performance to be strong as a whole. You’re getting a decent-size work surface along with an industrial fencing system. And once you add the blade guard to the mix, you’ll find that this chainsaw offers accuracy and safety with the highest attention to functionality.

Overall, we think the SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 comes with a healthy pack of features that’s both polished and offer good control. If you consider the value per dollar proposition, then you should be well off.

You should certainly check it out to see if it really fits your needs. The chances do look high enough.

Highlighted Features

  • Motor availability is either 1.75 or 3-HP.
  • It’s a 317-lbs (1.75-HP)/335-lbs (3-HP) chainsaw with a 10-inch blade.
  • The extension wing has a dimension on 12×27-inches.
  • The blade is tilted to the left and has a cutting depth of 3-1/8-inches.
  • The maximum depth of the cut is 2-1/4-inches.
  • The 52-inch commercial-grade T-glide fence system offers smooth, repeated cutting capabilities.
  • The integrated Blade Guard is capable of removing 85-95% of accumulated dust.
  • Arbor thickness is on par with other high-end designs.
  • The True Vertical Trunnion Travel assisted by the gas-pistons allows smooth operability.
  • The True-Poly V-ribbed blades keep the vibrations at bay.
  • The industry-leading 360-degree casters along with the quick pumps can easily lift to help the user be more comfortable while working.

What we liked

  • The build quality and design are unmatched, very few options like this exist.
  • The ease of use is commendable.
  • It accumulates dust with great accuracy.
  • The safety measures are on point.
  • The quick 90-second reset is an added bonus.

What we didn’t like

  • The price is on the higher side.
  • There are no leveling feet, which may be a bummer to some users.

2. Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw Review


The Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw came into our radar because of the level of reliability and attention to detail. Just like our previous table saws, it packs a punch in almost every aspect of performance and design.

Speaking of the design, the ergonomics are well-rounded. The cast iron body comes with all the necessary bells and whistles at all the right places. The hand wheels are one of the noteworthy additions, offering the users a good bit of functionality.

What about the performance?

If we were to start with the work surface, you wouldn’t find anything to complain about here. It’s a fairly large surface that can extend itself to a good 57-inches. For the average diy woodworking professional, that should be plenty to get the job done.

In conclusion, if you think of the overall package, then you’ll see that the value is decent overall. You are essentially getting what you pay for.

So, our advice would be to check it out and see if it’s really worth the investment. From what we have observed, it should make the cut.

Highlighted Features

  • The table has an extended diameter of 40×27-inches. It can extend to around 57-inches.
  • The dust port has a 4-inch diameter.
  • The 7-inch hand wheels allow good overall usability.
  • The motor only requires 115-volts for operation.
  • The base rpm readings are somewhere in the neighborhood of 4200-rpm.
  • It’s got an arbor diameter of 5/8-inches.
  • The 10-inch blade works on a solid cast-iron body.
  • This cabinet chainsaw has a max. depth of cut (at 90-degrees) of 3-1/8-inches and (at 45-degree) 2-1/18-inches.

What we liked

  • The overall design ergonomics and build quality are solid.
  • It features a tool-free guard assembly that offers proper work security.
  • The poly-V belt is very capable of reducing vibrations.
  • It comes with good overall dust collection capabilities.
  • The work surface allows smooth and accurate woodworking.

What we didn’t like

  • You won’t find any thin riving knife.
  • It is heavy compared to other relevant choices.

3. Delta Cabinet Table Saw Review


The Delta Cabinet table saw crept into our list for the best cabinet table saw for a couple of reasons.

First of all, from a design standpoint, we can say that it’s sleek yet sturdy. The parts don’t give out any cheap feeling. Also, the adjust ability is right up there with some of the other prominent table saws out there.

So, how does the performance stack up?

To be fair, it’s not the greatest. But it’s certainly not a chainsaw that sits in the bottom tier. Thanks to the solid motor performance and tool-free installation features, it’s certainly a capable choice. The features all complement each other. And that’s what makes it a stand out option.

Unfortunately, the only complaint of not offering proper instructions does stand out, marring the Delta table saws chances of letting it occupy the first spot. But that doesn’t hide the fact that usability as a whole is very satisfactory.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a table saw that makes sense in terms of pricing and performance, then you can go for it without a hiccup.

The reliability is there. So, the chances of you wasting your money are minimal at best.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s a 665-lbs cabinet table saw that has an extended dimension of 31×82-inch.
  • The single-phase 5-HP motor can rev up to 4300-rpm.
  • The blade comes with a 10-inch diameter and an arbor size of 5/8-inch.
  • The depth of cut is 2-1/8-inch and 3/1-8-inch for 45 and 90-degree respectively.
  • You have a 52-inch BIESEMEYER Fence System for smooth crafting work.
  • You have two cranks up front for proper blade height adjustments.
  • The tool-less split guard offers decent security while removing any hassles to add anti-kickback paws.
  • The blade opening is large enough for quick access and removal.
  • The multi-directional on/off switch adds to the overall functionality.

What we liked

  • As always, the build quality is right on point.
  • The work surface is a treat to work on.
  • The vibrations and kickbacks are relatively low.
  • The dust collection is adequate.
  • The fence system allows for good precision and control.

What we didn’t like

  • The instructions are not up to the mark.
  • There is a slight De laminating issue.

4. Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw Review


The Grizzly Industrial G0690 Cabinet Table Saw is well-known among its users because of the design choices it’s made. Apart from being a rugged chainsaw, we believe it comes with the right set of performance choices from the vendor’s end.

We will start off by saying the performance is right on par with the other top table saw options out there. Granted, the weight is on the higher side. Still, it doesn’t let that make any dent in its reputation.

It can go through wood like butter, without offering much kickback or vibration. It’s all thanks to the careful design choices that’ve been put together by a very creative group.

And that’s more than what you’d expect.

Sure, the parts don’t give out the feeling of satisfaction. But (as always), you’d want to think of it as an overall package. Then you factor in the investment. If it checks your requirement boxes, then you’re good to go.

From what we’ve seen so far, it shouldn’t have any issues meeting your expectations. If you cram all the pros and cons together, then you’ll see that the value isn’t bad at all.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s a 530-lbs cabinet table saw that needs 220-volts.
  • The 3-HP motor requires 12.8-Amps.
  • The 5/8-inch arbor can rev to a 4300-rpm rating.
  • The table saw comes with an extended size of 40×27-inch.
  • The maximum depth of cut is 2-3/16-inch (45-degree) and 3-1/8-inch(90-degree).
  • The T-square Camlock Fence features an HDPE Face, a heavy-duty T-slot Miter gauge is also present.
  • You can get away with a 13/16-inch dado blade.
  • The Spreader-guard has a quick-release feature that enhances the creative flow.
  • You have a magnetic switch along with thermal protection capabilities from overload.

What we liked

  • The cast-iron shell offers decent longevity.
  • The triple V-belt drive enables good vibration absorption.
  • The guard (safety) features are on point.
  • The woodwork flow is smooth enough.
  • Adjust ability is solid overall.

What we didn’t like

  • The parts are a bit cheap.
  • The after-sales service is a concern.

5. JET 10″ Cabinet Table Saw Review


The Jet 708674PK XACTASAW Deluxe has the name ‘Deluxe’ in it for a couple of good reasons.

First of all, if you think at this point that the designs going to be poor, you’re wrong. The 708674PK XACTASAW doesn’t make any compromises in terms of the build quality.

You have a decent work surface with all the right additions at the correct orientation. And we believe that’s all you can hope for the price.

But the parts replacement cost is a big bummer if you consider a long-term investment. Clearly speaking, it may cost you in the long run.

But that doesn’t make it a bad table saw at all. You’ve got a sharp knife that can go through wood like it’s a thin slice of cheese. And you have safety features integrated into the table saw. Furthermore, the adjustability is fairly decent.

All in all, we would recommend you at least try it out for yourselves. All the necessary features you need are there. And there’s no noticeable compromise in terms of the performance or build quality.

So, it shouldn’t hurt your chances if you check it out.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s a cabinet-style table saw that has a max. size dimension of 29×42-inches.
  • The 5/8-inch arbor can rotate at 4300-rpm.
  • There is a Deluxe Miter Gauge along with a 4-inch dust port.
  • You have a maximum 3-inch depth of cut.
  • The maximum dado size is 13/16-inches.
  • The XACTA Fence comes with the standard T-square design.
  • There is a quick-release riving knife that’s capable of reducing binding risk.
  • You have a rail-mounted magnetic switch that’s capable of reducing risks associated with overloading.
  • The blade shroud increases the dust accumulation capacity.
  • There is a sealed storage drawer within the cabinet. 

What we liked

  • The work surface is large enough for average workflow.
  • There is ample protection from accidents.
  • The build quality and design ergonomics are on point.
  • Push-button for quick-arbor release is a nice feature to have.
  • User-experience is decent as a whole.

What we didn’t like

  • The parts replacement can be expensive.

Buying Guide Best Cabinet Table Saws In This Year

If you’re in the market to look at the best cabinet table saw, then all our cards are on the table. You are the one to make the decision.

But, if you want to explore other options, then here are some things we believe may help you make a better decision:

Initial Investment

You are buying an expensive piece of equipment. There’s no way around it.

​Essentially, it is a long-term investment of sorts. Although we would recommend shedding some extra cash if necessary, choosing a certain price point may help with weeding out the excessively pricey options.

Parts that Matter

You’d want to combine all the parts and think of them as a whole.For example, you need to choose a motor that’s over or equal to 3-Horse Power. 

You also need a decent-sized (10-inch is standard) blade to pair with it.If they don’t have a close match, then the woodworking performance will suffer.

Safety and Adjust ability

Safety and adjust-ability go hand in hand.

Let’s say you have the right attachments and system integrations that make your table saw safe. Unfortunately, you don’t have the right functionality to move the saw upwards or downwards.

This is going to make a huge difference in terms of usability. So, you may want to keep that in mind.

Dust Collection 

Standard dust ports can be 4 or 5-inches.

But if the design isn’t supportive about dust accumulation, then there’s no use of having a dust collection port. The CFM rating (Cubic Feet/Minute) should be around 300. That will make a huge difference.

Cabinet Table Saw Brand’s

We believe it’s prudent to shed some light on the brands that we have here. All of our brand choices in this review for the best cabinet table saws have two things in common:

Reliability and Precision.


Let’s start with SawStop. This American brand is all about getting the most powerful cabinet table saw at a decent price to the average user.

Their products also have superior build quality than some of the other brands out there. Since starting their journey back in 1999, they’ve been one of the leaders in the home power tools market.


Powermatic is one of those brands that don’t make compromises with quality. Even in 2020, they are clinging to their high standards. For a company that started back in 1921, handling an agenda like this can be a tough endeavor.


The makers at Grizzly come with a strong line up of different product varietals. That also holds true for their woodworking power tools line up.

So far, they’ve been a top competitor in the global market for home power tools. From time to time, they come with unique options that combine good value and performance.


The things we’ve said about the previous brands also hold true for JET, up to a certain point of course. They have over 50 years of experience in the field of cabinet chainsaw and other power tools.


  • The makers of Delta Machinery have more than 100 years under their belt in the woodworking industry.
  • Not only do they offer precision and control, but their tools also have some of the best build qualities you can find.

frequently asked questions

Q: Does the weight of a table saw make any difference?

Ans.: In some cases, it does.

If you have a hefty table saw, then the stability is better. But oftentimes that makes it hard to move it if you ever had to. You need to treat the weight as a potential trade off.

Q: What is an Active Safety Device?

Ans.: An Active Safety Device is a system that enhances safety while woodworking. The system is smart enough to distinguish between wood and human flesh.

This way, if your fingers accidentally touch the blades, the saw stops immediately to reduce the damage. SawStop is one of the cabinet tables saw brands to integrate this technology. 

Q: Would you recommend cutting wet wood?

Ans.: If the wood has moderate wetness, then that shouldn’t make a huge difference. However, if it’s too green or wet, then some saws may stop slicing because of the safety features.

Q: The SawStop saws seem to have a quick response, is it true?

Ans.: It is true. As a matter of fact, the blade stops within 5-milliseconds when it comes in contact with the human flesh.

Q: What safety precautions can I take?

Ans.: There are a couple of things you can do to operate the cabinet saw properly:

  • Always know where the power switch is.
  • Don’t keep any scraps on the work surface.
  • Set the flat-ground blades ¼-inch above the wood.
  • Set the fence parallel to the blade.
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves for good measure.
  • You should never remove the guard system.  
  • Take your time. Don’t rush.

Closing Thoughts

It’s never easy to go through so much content at once. And we do believe it’s true for this best cabinet table saws review.

Throughout this review, we tried to highlight some of the best-rated cabinet table saws you could get your hands on this year. Also, the last few sections should come to your aid and help you with the decision-making process.

So, if you wanted to take in all the necessary information, we would like you to take your time. All you have to do is go through the content and jiggle your guts to tell you what’s right.

That’s all there is to it.

We hope we’ve done enough to help you out.

See you next time.

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