What Are The Top Benefits Of Using A Log Splitter

Benefits Using A Log Splitter


With time, technology has crept into each part of our lives. This is presently incident to the use of firewood as well. Individuals may require wood to keep them warm. But, we all know that it is not that easy to split the wood using your hands. In this manner, a log splitter is the best machine you can get the job done.

It lets you cut large wood logs into smaller sizes of firewood logs according to your needs. You only need to know how to operate one, and you can split your wood logs by a push of the button.

Below, we take a look at some of the top benefits that come with a log splitter:

Benefits of A Log Splitter

They’re numerous benefits that accompany this useful machine. Some are discussed below…

Ease of Chopping Wood

It goes without saying that a log splitter enables you to cut and chop your wood logs into smaller sizes easily and quickly. Whenever you feel like using firewoodyou only turn on your splitter, and you get the firewood- that’s how it makes life easy.

A Log Splitter Saves You Time and Energy

If you tried to chop the wood all by yourself, you’d take the entire day and use a lot of energy. Even if you use the traditional log splitting method- the ax- you’ll lose all your energy. Thankfully, a log splitter will save you time and energy given that they chop wood quickly and without demanding much manual labor from you (save for the manual log splitters).


Did you know that using a log splitter guarantees you ultimate protection compared to other splitting options? If you use the blade or ax to get the job done, chances of hurting yourself are quite high. But with the log splitter, you’re not dealing with any blade or ax- and this adds to your safety.


A log splitter is a machine that will serve you for a lifetime. This is particularly the case if you buy the top quality models from the reputable brands. You simply buy it one and enjoy chopping firewood logs for life.

Ease of Use

Everyone finds it real easy to operate a log splitter than any other wood cutting/splitting machine. All you just need to do is power on the machine; set up the log to be split and activate the machine’s cutting mechanism.

Mind you, most of the log splitter available today come with both vertical and horizontal wood log accommodation design, which makes them, even more, easier to use.

If you compare this machine to a chainsaw, you’ll understand why it’s much easier to use. You’ll need to take tutorials (and even classes) before you can start using a chainsaw. Even the experienced users find it hard to use a chainsaw to chop logs into smaller sizes for the fireplace.

Less Messy

True! A log splitter workstation and that of a chainsaw look entirely different after the job. Because a log splitter does not produce many wood chips (or any other debris) when splitting your wood logs, you expect your workplace to remain as almost clean as it was before the job. As for the chainsaws, you’ll b left with heaps of wood chips and sawdust.

Little or NO Maintenance

The best part about log splitters is that they don’t require much maintenance. They just need frequent oiling for them to continue to perform efficiently. This is in contrast with other splitting tools such as an ax which requires regular sharpening.

After reading some of the top benefits associated with a log splitter above, you might be thinking of bringing one to your home. If that’s the case, below is some important information you may need to know.

Make Sure You Buy The Right Log Splitter

If you want to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above (and so much more).

Getting a great log splitter is hard. The splitter ton size is essential as it ensures that you can get the right amount of wood for burning in your house. In most cases, the scope of a splitter for your needs lies between 4 and 20 tons. This size of a log splitter is also in agreement with its horsepower.

Subsequently, a splitter that produces high volumes of wood requires a more powerful engine. You can as well think of utilizing your splitter for commercial purposes- where you split wood into large quantities and sell it. If you’re thinking of commercial log production, then you might need to go for a 30-ton log splitter.

Your Budget Matters Too

Log splitters are accessible in various price ranges. Their prices can range from as little as $300 to as much as $6,000 based on your particular wood needs. Their cost usually varies depending on their engine type and size.

Observe Some Precautions When Using The Machine

The fact that we listed safety as one of the top benefits does not mean that you should not be careful when using your machine.

Because they can split anything, ensure that you utilize them sensibly. They can be a real hazard to you and may turn out to be even lethal. Therefore, carefully understand the user manual before you begin operating them. It contains every single nitty-gritty guideline on the best way to use your log splitter safely.

As part of the safety precautions, be sure to wear protective clothing such as goggles as well as safety boots when running your splitter. You would even want to keep your hands some considerable distance away from the splitter to avoid causing any laceration.

Bottom Line

If you buy a log splitter today, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits we’ve just discussed above. Log splitters come in different sizes, models, prices, etc. Therefore, it’s important that you be careful when purchasing your log splitter to ensure you land on the best option that will offer you an easy time splitting firewood logs and enjoying all the above benefits.

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